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v. 1.5.4

This list is not comprehensive. It was not kept in great detail over the development, but still captures the vast majority of polish changes and content additions provided.

Polish / Modifications -- Considered general improvements that apply to both Vanilla and Advanced Edition versions of the game.
  • Weapon Depower Delay - After removing or losing power a weapon will quickly lose its charge over time rather than immediately lose all charge.
  • Additional Music: Ben Prunty has added four new tracks, one of which is only heard within the Advanced Edition Lanius sector.
  • New Events: New event scattered throughout the game, some penned by Planescape writer Chris Avellone.
  • Additional manning options: Doors and sensors can be manned to provide a +1 level boost to the system. Systems redesigned to 4 levels of power instead of the previous 3. Sensors at level 3 show the player the cooldowns of enemy weapons, while sensors at level 4 show the power bars.
  • Store Tabs: Stores can now have an additional tab, often increasing the amount of equipment/crew sold by 50-100%.
  • Human change: Humans are 10% faster at learning skills
  • Zoltan change: Zoltan explode on death, causing damage to nearby enemies
  • Boss redesign: The Flagship and the player start a couple jumps from the base. If the flagship gets to the base, it is not instant gameover. The player has a countdown to fight it back.
  • Save & Quit anywhere: Mid-battle or even mid-event, you can save & quit whenever. Closing the game in other means (the window X) also saves the game.
  • Crash Recovery: You will be able to continue a game after a crash, usually at one jump prior to the crash. Ideally this is never actually needed.
  • Reward boxes: New reward boxes show resource changes, weapon/drone visuals, and any gained (or lost) crew
  • Crew colors: Crew sprites now have multiple colors available.
  • Rename mid game: Rename any crewmember from the Crew Manifest screen
  • Shield recharge bar: Explicitly shows the recharge time on your shields
  • Random ship button: Select a random ship from the hangar.
  • Drone Re-construction: If a drone is destroyed, there is a cooldown before it can be used again -- preventing enemy from spamming boarder drones
  • Drone Auto-Destruct: Battle drones left on the player ship after a fight will self-destruct, no longer creating an annoying obstacle to destroy.
  • Saving Crew Positions: Hot keys and on screen buttons available to save and restore crew stations.
  • Federation Ship’s Cloaking: Federation Cruiser can obtain the cloaking system (or any other systems, up to the now standard limit of 8)
  • Enemy pirate layouts: Pirate ships have completely new layouts for every enemy ship.
  • Minor tuning / balance: Changes to enemy AI, event rewards, stalemate prevention etc.
  • Minor UI changes: “In Danger” message on Ship button when unavailable and other small modifications to make the game more user friendly
  • Additional Content - Only present when the Advanced Edition content toggle is enabled within the player hangar.
Four new systems
  • Hacking: Launch a hacking drone to periodically disrupt an enemy system -- unique effect for every system.
  • Mind Control: Temporarily turn an enemy into an ally
  • Clone Bay (Replaces Medbay when purchased): Crew are cloned on death, losing some skill progress. Can't heal mid battle, but micro-heal on every jump.
  • Backup Battery: Provides temporary power
  • Weapon Stun - Many weapons have a chance to stun crew that they hit in advanced mode
  • Enemy ship variations: Every enemy ship now has alternate system distribution, many of which take advantage of the new systems mentioned above.
The Lanius
  • New alien that is not hurt by low o2 and drains o2 from the room its in
  • New sector with entirely new events, new music track, and two new enemy ships (the Lanius ships)
  • New player ships: Type C layouts for the 8 base player ships, plus an entirely new Lanius cruiser with its own alternate layout and achievements.
New Weapons
  • Laser Chainguns: Every time it fires, its cooldown decreases.
  • Ion Chaingun: Every time it fires, its damage increases.
  • Flak Guns: Less accurate, more potential for damage (Area targeting)
  • Charge Guns: Can charge multiple times, adding more projectiles every time it charges
  • Repair Bomb: Fully repairs the system its fired at
  • Stun Weaponry: Minor ion damage along with guaranteed stun of enemy crew
New Drones
  • Ion Intruder: Boards enemy ship and ions systems randomly
  • Shield Drone: Charges a green energy shield to defend the player
  • Anti-Drone Drone: Shoots down enemy drones attacking the ship
  • New Beam Drones: A fire beam drone, and an advanced version of the standard Beam Drone
New Environments
  • Anti-Ship Battery: Attacks the player ship, enemy ship, or both depending on the event. Present at every rebel fleet location.
  • Pulsar: Ionizes any ship’s shields and possibly other random systems
New Augments
  • Lifeform Scanner: Detects the location of life forms, even when sensors are down.
  • Zoltan Shield Bypass: Allows teleporting and mind controlling through Super Shields
  • Defense Drone Scrambler: Completely disrupt any targeting by enemy defense drones
  • Backup DNA Storage: Crew won’t be lost if they die when the cloning bay is off.
  • Battery Charge Booster: Backup battery’s lock time is halved.
  • Emergency Respirators: Crew take half damage from low o2.
  • Fire Suppression: Automatically put out fires throughout the ship
  • Explosive Replicator: Missile based weapons have a 50 percent chance of not using a missile
  • Distraction Buoys: Leaves a false signal at sector start to delay rebels 1 jump
  • Hacking Stun: Adds a stun effect to the hacking activated power
Bug/Misc Fixes
  • Enemy ships are much less likely to have 2 of the same drone.
  • No more comma differences between the text of the marooned slug (sorry /u/Twinge).
  • Alternate blue choices to unlock the Mantis Cruiser
  • Ion Bomb cooldown increased to 21 from 18
  • Automated Re-loader benefit decreased to 10% from 15%.
  • Added an animation when fires get put out.
  • Hull damage / bonus repairs from events will not mysteriously remain at visited locations.
  • Fixed: Enemy boarders going on 'space walks' with strange pathing
  • Reverse Ion Field and Drone Reactor Augments fixed to display their correct values
  • Cloak meter correctly resets when jumping cloaked out of combat
  • Rockmen AI will no longer be 'scared' of fire, preventing repairs.
  • Can now re-map options button without causing options screen to open
  • Shields only provide skill boost if an enemy is present
  • Restored defense drone drift after power off
  • Enemies will no longer power their missile weapons if they don't have missiles
  • Fixed: Repair progress would reset in some specific circumstances when taking damage
  • Fixed: Repair progress could reset when the system was limited by nebula/event
  • Jumping away from the boss mid-explosion won't reset progress
  • Fixed: Ion lock rendering bug when you had locked systems adjacent to eachother
  • Rebel locations will continue to have enemy ships even after you've cleared them
  • Flagship will have the proper weapon visuals during its destruction
  • Zoltan energy is preserved correctly after loading a game
  • System order preserved in ship hangar screen
  • No longer plays oxygen loss sound effect when breaching empty rooms
  • Shields should properly repower in all situations after damage/ion effects
  • Store no longer auto-opens on reload
  • Systems will properly repower after limits imposed by events disappear
  • Minor text fixes
  • Minor rendering bug fixes
  • Bombs can no longer miss when targeting yourself
  • Enemy boarding drones are destroyed when the enemy ship is defeated
  • Maps will no longer have disconnected beacons, everything will be accessible
  • Additional price changes on weapons and equipment for balancing
  • And finally: bonus, never seen before, new bugs added with all of this new content!



Changes [1]
  • You can now retrieve crew from a room when teleporting even if they are shooting at a door or walking, limit of 4 per teleport
  • If you're carrying the Crystal alien from the stasis pod, the Rock Homeworld map will start with the appropriate quest marker to for the beacon that leads to the Crystal sector
  • The Crystal Lockdown bomb is now available as a drop (from enemies or in Stores) in Rock sectors
  • Shield Skill will level up when the shields absorb a hit, not when they recharge. This prevents turning the shields on/off to level up.
Major Bugs
  • Fixed: Bug that would sometimes cause an enemy ship not to get hit by asteroids in an asteroid field
  • Fixed: Bug gave double rewards after victory when player teleporter was broken and crew 'used the shuttle'
  • Jumping will now immediately provide invulnerability to solar flares, incoming boarding drones, and beams
  • Can no longer open the ship upgrades screen in hostile situations using the hot key
  • If the boss is destroyed, at that point game over will be blocked and your victory is assured even if your ship is exploding.
  • Blast Door health will properly regenerate on safe (no current boarders) jumps
  • Boarding Drones will no longer be hit by projectiles after they've successfully landed
  • Boarding Drones will no longer be destroyed upon Boss Ship Super Shield regeneration
  • Waiting in a nebula will no longer remove the sensor dampening effect
  • Fixed: Sometimes enemy boarders wouldn't pursue any targets and just stand around.
Minor Bugs
  • Drones should no longer fly "into" the shields and fire past them.
  • Dying crewmembers will stay dead if you Save & Quit + Continue. They will also remain unselectable and unmovable as soon as dying animation starts.
  • Will no longer open the store / allow repair in the rare situation that you have 0 hull and should be dead
  • Credits + Victory screen won't close if you accidentally tap a key - only escape will close it
  • Missiles/lasers/asteroids/etc. will no longer collide with bombs since they are technically 'interior' objects
  • The event where your crewmember goes crazy will have the correct race/name after going crazy
  • You won't be able to waste your money choosing pointless repair choices at the repair station event
  • Beam Weapons can now correctly cause breaches, but that will not come standard to current weapons to preserve balance so it's just for modders.
  • Interior console glow fixed to display correct colors for crew levels
  • Combat/Defense drones will properly trigger blue event options
  • Drone / missile counts can no longer go negative
  • Modding to have more than 4 shield bars will no longer make asteroids ridiculously terrifying
  • Crew will no longer continue repairing a breach if the room is on fire, the fire will take the correct priority (as the animation shows)
  • More grammar/typo fixes and minor animation/image polish


Contains the same changes as v1.03.0


  • Colorblind mode (available in options) makes many color pallette changes and adds additional symbols to help out our colorblind players. I apologize for the delay in getting this into the game!
  • Hotkeys added for many actions in the game, customizable from within the Options menu
  • Indicator for when the enemy is attempting to jump away (and if it's able to)
  • Cloaking will automatically cooldown in non-danger situations
  • You can now pause using the middle mouse button (one handed gaming for those of you who need to hold your child in the other!)
  • Orange room borders for very low O2 have been replaced with hazard stripes on the floor (should be more obvious for everyone)
  • Ctrl+click (customizable in Options) when aiming will allow you to specify a single weapon to auto-fire (or not auto-fire if auto-fire button is toggled)
  • Minor balance change: System Repair drones power requirement reduced to 1
Major bugfixes
  • Cloaking will provide the +60 evasion even if you don't have a pilot
  • Beams will correctly damage crew (and start fires if the Fire Beam)
  • Odd numbered Shield Systems will now properly repower after ionization
  • Tough Little Ship, Astronomically Low Odds, and all of the Crystal Cruiser achievements fixed
  • Repair/Anti-personnel Drones will always properly disappear whenever unequipped (or sold) - this will let you unequip them to make room for repair men if you system is destroyed
  • Potential fix for rare crash when selecting weapons
Minor bugfixes
  • Fixed: Zoltan Bonus power wouldn't update while paused for drones
  • Federation Cruiser Artillery cooldown imagery properly updates during pause
  • Fixed: Sometimes incorrectly displays the teleporter/shuttle text when your crew dies after battle
  • All enemies (including boarders) will now have names
  • Tooltips will properly clear when events/sub-windows open
  • System limits/effects caused by events (or nebulas) update upon arrival, not after the event
  • Cloaking system glow fixed
  • Zoltan Trade hub event fixed - blue option will actually do something now
  • Fixed: Quest beacon tooltips were sometimes inaccurate
  • More Typos/Grammar Fixes



  • Fixed some texture rendering issues on Mac OS X and older Windows/Linux machines
  • Fullscreen - FTL Native Resolution fixed to accurately provide the pre-1.02 Fullscreen method for older PCs
  • Tough Little Ship Achievement fixed
  • Fixed exploit that allowed player crew to walk through enemy blast doors, which is also a potential fix for the AI bug of walking through walls/doors (Thanks Unlucky Scarecrow!)
  • Defense Drones Don't Do D'Anything and Master of Patience Achievements potentially fixed
  • Protection against quests spawning at unreachable nodes
  • Crystal Weapons / Missile Weapons will accurately state the number of shots they fire per cooldown
  • Minor UI help - clearer tooltips for Cloaking/Teleporting and hotkey numbers for drones
  • More event/descriptions/tooltip typos fixed


Quick emergency patch to restore functionality to some people with older machines that could play before the patch.[3]

  • Restored functionality to those that don't support certain OpenGL features
  • Fixed Zoltan shield display
  • Added some additional logging/overrides to help in support


Compatibility Changes[3]
  • Older laptops experiencing "overly pixelated" or distorted images should now function
  • MacBooks with ATI X1600 video cards will potentially function both in fullscreen and windowed. I do not have access to a MacBook with that video card, so if you're experiencing that problem please update me!
  • Mac OS X version now implements Left-Ctrl+Left-Click to be equivalent to Right-Click
Fullscreen Changes
  • Fullscreen stretch now works differently and should be more effective at properly "stretching" to fill your screen
  • Monitors that support 2560x1440 should be properly scaling and look much better (I'm jealous)
  • Monitors with resolutions less than 1280x720 may now function in Fullscreen Stretched depending on your * OpenGL support
  • A more elaborate manual mode is available for tweaking your desired resolution effect within settings.ini
Additional Video Settings
  • V-Sync can be activated within options mode. Depending on your system, you still might need to force it on or off from your video card control panel as well.
  • Frame limiting is also available from the options. Between the two (V-Sync vs. Frame Limiting), pick the one that works best for you to balance performance and cpu use.
Additional Game Settings
  • Within options you can enable paths to be drawn when hovering over a beacon.
  • Dialog keys will now have a brief delay before they are active, this can be disabled within the options.
Other Bugs
  • Start Crash Fix: Sometimes unidentified USB devices could cause FTL to fail to start
  • Removed bugged weapon from the secret sector
  • Moving crewmembers will still teleport assuming they are in the room of their final destination
  • Killing the crew of an enemy ship will count as defeating it for stats
  • Selling the Zoltan Energy shield will no longer be bugged
  • Federation Ship will properly unlock on victory (and will unlock retroactively for those that experienced this bug)
  • Secret Cruiser Type B stealth imagery has been fixed
  • Fixed situation where a defense drone could become permanently powered
  • Energy Shield can no longer be damaged while jumping, preventing it from properly recharging
  • Fixed: Ion Storm and Nebula effects would disappear at beacons where you leave behind an enemy
  • Saving in sector maps can no longer sometimes cause you to skip a sector
  • Excess error message repeats removed
  • Repeated "victory" in Sector 1 after restart fixed
  • Possible fix for disappearing quests after Save & Quit
  • Possible fix for enemies jumping away despite destroyed piloting
  • Fixed freezing enemy AI when low on health and medbay is on fire
  • Save & Quit in a store will no longer reduce repair costs
  • Typos corrected in tooltips/weapons/events


A beta patch which was accessible via the Steam opt-in menu by password.[3]


  • Grammar, typos, etc.


  • Weapon/Drone overflow box when at full capacity has been restored to a functioning state
  • Title screen music was corrupted in the last updated, it's been fixed
  • More typos and event fixes