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The Stormwalker

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The Stormwalker
Cruiser Hull Slug B The Stormwalker.png
Cruiser Slug B The Stormwalker.png
Ship type Slug Cruiser
Layout Layout B
Weapons Healing Burst, Artemis
Missiles 25 Missiles
Drone parts 0
Power 7
Augmentations Slug Repair Gel
Achievements We're in Position!, Home Sweet Home, Disintegration Ray
Door System
Weapon Control
Crew Teleporter

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The Stormwalker is the second layout of the Slug Cruiser. It features a challenging and unique game experience focused on boarding with Slugs and missile-based weaponry. The Stormwalker starts with three Slugs, a Healing Burst and an Artemis missile launcher.

How to Unlock the Stormwalker[edit]

The Stormwalker is unlocked by completing two of the Slug Cruiser-specific achievements.


Ship Strengths[edit]

  • Only Zoltan shields will have a resistance to your weapons at the beginning, but chances are you'll have other weapons before you meet a ship with one.
  • The Slug Repair Gel augmentation means that hull breaches will repair themselves.
  • Starts with level 2 Door Controls.
  • Healing Burst allows your boarding team to remain in the enemy ship longer, provided it hits.

Ship Weaknesses[edit]

  • All of its weapons require ammunition to use.
  • Slugs are not strong boarders, even with experience.
  • The ship has no starting medbay or sensors.

Leaving the Hangar[edit]

Get an energy based weapon as soon as possible. The default weapons use ammunition and chances are you'll run out of them fast. Don't waste too much scrap upgrading power bars, head straight to the stores and pick up scrap along the way. Another very important early upgrade is a medbay; You cannot afford to keep spending missiles simply to heal your crew. Unfortunately, you should also get a level 2 Teleporter as quickly as possible as well, or your Slugs risk dying if the Healing Burst misses.

Slugs are mediocre boarders at best, so make sure to pick up Rockmen or Mantis if you can. This will usually be from slaver ships that you have boarded and defeated, or blue options from your teleporter. You should favour Nebulas and Slug-controlled sectors because of this. Avoid Mantis and Rock sectors at all costs, at least until you get proper boarding crew. Zoltan sectors also need to be avoided, unless you get an early weapon that can drop the Zoltan shield easily; if you do, they become one of the best sectors to visit as even Slugs can easily defeat Zoltans in hand-to-hand combat.

The Stormwalker is a challenging ship that will need a lot of luck to succeed. If you can complete the long list of essential upgrades (medbay, teleporter 2, laser weapon, level 2 shields, decent boarders), you will be in a good spot to complete the game. Good luck!


  • The Healing Burst will not heal enemy crew members, so go ahead and fire into the melee. It will always heal friendly crew to full health, even Rockmen.
  • Healing Bursts as well as other teleporting bombs will always hit when targeting your own ship.
  • Use your Artemis Missile Launcher to disable the Weapons Room, or a Medbay if the enemy has one. This will minimize the damage you take while your Slugs are boarding. Make sure to conserve your missiles for the Healing Burst!
  • Upgraded engines can be useful to escape bad situations such as asteroid fields, suns, or auto-drones.
  • Make use of your upgraded Doors to vent oxygen out of rooms with enemy boarders. But close the airlock again if they break through to an occupied room!
  • Swap your Slug Repair Gel augment for a more important upgrade if you need to.