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This template is used to create an item infobox for a drone.
Type {{Dronebox|<...>}} somewhere, with the arguments as shown below.
  • name (optional, defaults to pagename)
  • image (optional, either Yes, or the default to No)
  • type (optional, use type of ship from XML)
  • power (optional, should be in numbers)
  • cooldown (optional, do not use on unaffected drones)
  • rarity (optional)
  • dodge (optional)
  • speed (optional)
  • weapon (optional)
  • blueprint (optional, name in blueprint)
  • cost (optional)
Sample output
|name      = {{abbr|Defense Drone Mark I|Short: Defense I}}
|image     = Drone Defense Mark I.png
|type      = Defense
|power     = 2
|cooldown  = 1000
|rarity    = 1
|dodge     = 7
|speed     = 5
|weapon    = {{abbr|[[Weapons#Drone Lasers|Drone Laser]]|DRONE_LASER}}
|blueprint = DEFENSE_1
|cost      = 50

Results in...

Defense Drone Mark I
Drone Defense Mark I.png
Type Defense
Power 2 Power
Cooldown 1000
Rarity 1
Dodging 7
Speed 5
Weapon Drone Laser
Blueprint name DEFENSE_1
Cost 50 Scrap