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System Repair Drone

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System Repair Drone
Drone System Repair.png
Type Repair
Power 1 Power
Rarity 1
Blueprint name REPAIR
Cost 30 Scrap

This drone will seek out damaged systems and repair them automatically.

  • This drone does not die at the end of combat or when jumping.
  • It is immune to fire and does not need air.
  • It repairs systems, sub-systems, breaches and puts out fire.
  • It provide vision for rooms it is in.
  • It can top-off repair the drone system as long as there is at least one bar to support itself.
  • It can detect fires in rooms that do not have vision.
  • Does not die (waste drone parts) when the drone system is powered down.
  • It stops moving, but continues to provide vision when powered-down.
  • System Repair Drones also "heal" when in the Drone System Room.