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Cruiser Hull Zoltan B Noether.png
Cruiser Zoltan B Noether.png
Ship type Zoltan Cruiser
Layout Layout B
Weapons Ion Blast, Ion Blast, Pike Beam
Missiles 0
Drone parts 2 Drone parts
Power 5
Augmentations Zoltan Shield
Achievements Shields Holding, Givin' her all she's got, Captain!, Manpower
Door System
Weapon Control

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The Noether is the second layout of the Zoltan Cruiser. It uses Ion and Beam Weaponry for a strong offense, but starts with no shields outside of the special Zoltan Shield augment. It starts with a crew of three Zoltans, two Ion Blasts, and a Pike Beam.

How to Unlock the Noether[edit]

The Noether can be unlocked by completing two of the Zoltan Cruiser-specific achievements. Shields Holding is very straightforward to get; however, the two other achievements are not. Getting 29 power in systems for Givin' her all she's got, Captain! is only possible with four Zoltan crew, so you will need to find a fourth along your journey. As well, without the extra rewards from boarding or an early Scrap Recovery Arm, getting enough scrap to fully max out your reactor AND have enough points in systems to put the power into can be harder than it looks.

If you really want the Noether, it is best to do a 'suicide run' with the Adjudicator in order to get the Manpower achievement. Place as much of your initial power as you can in the engines (including as many Zoltan crew as you can) and jump straight for the exit beacon in each sector as quickly as possible. Sell the Halberd Beam once you can no longer get through enemy shields and cross your fingers. If you see a store with Long-Range Scanners, it can really help you out and is only 30 scrap. An FTL Charge Booster is useful as well. Once you reach sector 5, you are probably dead with no weaponry but you don't have to win to get the achievement.


Like the Adjudicator, Noether begins with the Zoltan Shield, a special outer shield that will absorb five points of damage before disappearing. Until it disappears it prevents enemy crew from teleporting to your ship. This shield will recharge only upon jumping to a new beacon.

Ship Strengths[edit]

  • Zoltan Shield gives extra protection.
  • Zoltans provide extra power to systems.
  • Dual ion blasts can disable multiple systems at the same time.
  • Pike beam is the longest beam weapon in the game and can damage many rooms in one shot.

Ship Weaknesses[edit]

  • Start off with only five power bars.
  • Crew has low health.
  • Pike beam cannot penetrate shields.
  • Ship starts with only one shield bar, meaning it has no shields until they're upgraded. Also, buying the second shield bar costs 100 scrap.
  • Can't fully power everything in beginning of the game.

Leaving the Hangar[edit]

You will take very little damage initially thanks to the Zoltan shield. It is recommended to use this time to save up 100 scrap for the second shield bar, so you will have some defenses should you come up against a ship with ion weapons or beams that can drop the Zoltan shield very quickly. Beam drones can be surprisingly threatening to this ship.

As with the Adjudicator, you will have initial power problems which can be solved with a couple of early reactor upgrades. Your door control might also be worth raising to level 2, due to your vulnerable crew members. Your initial weapons will remain effective throughout the game; however, missing with Ion Blasts starts to become an issue. Use auto-fire and stagger the Ion Blast shots to make sure the shields stay down. As well, hit the enemy bridge with the Pike Beam to disable the enemy's evasion, thus guarenteeing the Ion Blasts will hit. Try to supplement your weapons with a cheap missile, bomb or drone if you get the chance.

Don't neglect your traditional defenses in favour of the Zoltan Shield, either. Keep your evasion high and make sure to get your second shield layer when you can. Since you will be saving a lot of scrap by not having to repair, this should be easily possible. Defense drones can be delayed even longer but are still essential for the final boss.

Zoltan sectors come highly recommended in this ship. Try to avoid Mantis or Rockman sectors due to the dangerous boarding parties.


  • Place your Zoltans in areas in need of more power to combat the low energy that the ship starts off with.
  • It's much cheaper to add power to the engines than to buy shields early on.
  • Get an Engi and a Mantis to repair systems quickly and deal with enemies, respectively. Zoltan Shields will prevent ships from teleporting crew to your ship. However, they will NOT prevent boarders from random events, so having a reliable anti-boarder squad is still essential.
  • Take advantage of the Zoltan shielding to upgrade offense more in the beginning. After disabling enemy ship's shields with the ion blasts, the pike beam can deal a wide swath of damage. Enemies also can't teleport in while the Zoltan shielding is up, so disable that as soon as possible.