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Cruiser Hull Federation B Nisos.png
Cruiser Federation B Nisos.png
Ship type Federation Cruiser
Layout Layout B
Weapons Dual Lasers, Leto, Artillery Beam
Missiles 9 Missiles
Drone parts 0
Power 9
Augmentations None
Achievements Master of Patience, Diplomatic Immunity, Artillery Mastery
Door System
Weapon Control
Artillery Beam

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The Nisos is the second layout for the Federation Cruiser. While similar to the Osprey, the Nisos comes with a pre-upgraded Artillery Beam and different weapons, at the cost of a weaker starting crew. The Nisos starts with a Human, a Zoltan and a Slug. It is equipped with Dual Lasers, a Leto Missile Launcher, and a level 2 Artillery Beam.

How to Unlock the Nisos[edit]

The Nisos is unlocked by completing two of the Federation Cruiser-specific achievements. The first two achivements (Master of Patience,Diplomatic Immunity) are very easy to complete on a regular run with the Osprey. Artillery Mastery is easier to complete with the Nisos due to the pre-upgraded Artillery Beam.


Ship Strengths[edit]

  • Starts with an upgraded artillery beam
  • Starting with a quick-loading missile launcher allows you to stop enemy weapons early in the fight.
  • Due to the upgraded Artillery Beam, focusing on defense is very easy.
  • Starts with Dual Lasers, which is effecitvely a Burst Laser I with less power usage.

Ship Weaknesses[edit]

  • The crew is very weak to boarding and provides few blue options, despite their diversity.
  • Like the Osprey, the Nisos cannot mount both a Cloaking Device and a Teleporter in vanilla. The Artillery takes up one of the necessary system slots.
  • Like the Osprey, the Nisos only can install 2 extra main systems in Advanced Edition.
  • This ship layout makes it difficult to vent oxygen from the shields or the weapons rooms.

Leaving the Hangar[edit]

Since the Nisos has a Slug and a Zoltan, this provides a use in two ways. The first is that the Zoltan can boost a system by one power bar, and the other is the Slug's telepathy. Ignoring the sensors when they're damaged provides no drawback, unless they have been upgraded. Put your Zoltan in the engine room so your weapons don't shut down if he has to leave, but his free power bar doesn't go to waste in the pilot's seat.

Your artillery beam starts at level 2, so an early upgrade to level 3 is recommended. Your starting weapons are not strong; the Leto Missile Launcher especially will stop being effective very quickly. As with the Osprey, an early focus on defenses will probably be worthwhile in the long run.

Your crew, unlike the Osprey, is vulnerable to boarders. However, all rooms in this layout are located close to an airlock. The suggested solution is to move one crewmember into the door control room and suffocate boarders rather than fighting them.

Lean on the artillery beam until you get decent weaponry, but keep in mind how slow it fires. You will take lots of damage, especially from missile launchers, if your defenses aren't up to speed. Remember, you won't be able to cloak for the boss. Shields level 4, decent evasion and a Defense drone will be necessary to get through stage 2 intact. A teleporter and strong offensive weaponry are highly recommended as well.


  • Try to hit Slug sectors if you can, since you start with a Slug crewman. Zoltan crew provide only one blue option, but Zoltan sectors can be rewarding, and especially Zoltan Homeworlds, with their free, no-requirements quest to unlock the Zoltan cruiser. Even if you've already unlocked it, it is definitely worth completing again if you happen to you run across it.
  • If all you find is a decent missile or bomb, consider hitting the weapons room to give the Artillery beam time to charge up.
  • Keep your Dual Laser if you can, as it is quite a good weapon at 2 shots for 1 power. Sell the Leto as soon as you can replace it as it is the least worthwhile use of your limited missile supply in the game.
  • An early upgrade to level 3 Artillery Beam is recommended, followed by Shields level 2 and possibly 3 if you can't find good weaponry.
  • Only at rank 4 does the Artillery beam fire as fast as the average beam weapon. Try to supplement it with at least one decent weapon.