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CaptainShooby - Disable Rebel Fleet Pursuit[edit]

Credit for finding the actual method of doing this goes to DisposableNinja from the official FTL forums, although it should be noted that Modding of any kind is not something that has been officially approved by Subset Games at any time.

Download the new data.dat file.[1]

Download for Advanced Edition Modified Advanced Edition data.dat file

1) Place the file in the folder:

  • Steam users: \Steam\steamapps\common\FTL Faster Than Light\resources\
  • GOG users: \Program Files\\Faster Than Light\resources\

2) Make backups of the data.dat files there. 3) Replace the original data.dat with the new file.

Note: There are some reports of the mod not working correctly. If you encounter such an occasion, please add a message to this page's Discussion Thread. Include which version you used and your OS. Thank you!