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Modding guide
Events file structure
Mod manager

FTL: Faster Than Light has spawned an active modding community. Modders are largely congregated to:

More information Official FTL Forum thread.
More information CaptainShooby's thread.

Many new mod threads have spawned on the official FTL Forum. However, it should be noted that Subset games have yet to officially endorse modding in any way.

Save Game Editing[edit]

ComaToes and Vhati wrote the Profile/SavedGame Editor.

It'll also unlock ships and achievements, and unpack resources.
Its commented source code documents the structure of profile.sav and continue.sav.

Ship Configuration[edit]

Modding Ships

Information on the ship configuration file syntax can be found here. Here's detailed information on custom weaponry.

Rebel Fleet Pursuit[edit]

Rebel Fleet pursuit is handled by trigger events in the events.xml file inside the data.dat file. Edits to data.dat are still unstable, and reliable editors are in active development (see the thread on packing and repacking FTL files for more information).

DisposableNinja figured out how to disable fleet pursuit altogether:

You can change this via events.xml:
Find the event START_GAME and/or START_BEACON
Add <modifyPursuit amount="-100000"/>
When these events trigger, it will set the pursuit value to whatever you wish. -100,000 is a bit overkill, but it works. START_GAME is triggered when you start a new game and START_BEACON is the default event for new sectors.

Malacos and AirRevenant posted a method to end fleet pursuit on reddit, and uploaded a mod to Nexus Mods that employs DisposableNinja's method to end Fleet Pursuit, for the Advanced Edition update to the game.

The -100,000 amount was maintained both as an homage to DisposableNinja's work, and out of their spite for the rebels.

The mod was updated in May of 2021 to be compatible with Slipstream Mod Manager and version 1.6.14 of the game.

BlackAlpha on the FTL Forums implemented a more nuanced hack, one which slows the fleet down.

On the topic of how he implemented the changes, BlackAlpha said:

In data.dat, there are files that are called "events". They contain events, which are basically triggers. One of the things they can do is set how far away the Rebel fleet is. This is done by the command "modifyPursuit amount".
If you really want to know how it works. The fleet is always there. There's just a delay before the fleet appears. The events can modify the delay, either making it longer or shorter. You can also delay or speed up the fleet after it appears. It's all done by that command I told you about earlier. That's basically how the fleet's speed is handled.

CaptainShooby's Tutorial[edit]

Here is my very first modding tutorial. I tried to cover the following:

  • Preparation for modding
  • Custom events
  • Custom sectors

Google Docs: