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Long-Ranged Scanners

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Adds additional info about nearby systems on the star map.

Gives information on unexplored star systems. There are four different types of symbols for beacons:

  1. ShipPossible.png : A possible ship encounter
  2. ConfirmedShipNonNebula.png : Explored ship encounter with enemy ship still present. This occurs when you run away from a star system without destroying the enemy ship.
  3. ShipHazard.png(not in a nebula): Either a solar flare or asteroid belt event
  4. NebulaHazard.png (in a nebula): Ion storm and sensor black out

These symbols can be combined.

Example: Brown ring with a yellow yield sign in a nebula = Ion storm and sensor black out with a possible ship encounter.

Warning: Even with long range scanners, jumping to a beacon that does not have a yellow yield sign symbol can still produce a ship encounter.