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Image Race Description Cost
Human Humans are common and uninteresting. They learn faster. 40 Scrap
Engi Repair speed is doubled. Halved damage in combat. 50 Scrap
Mantis 1.5x damage in combat. 1.2x move speed. Halved repair speed. 45 Scrap
Rockmen Immune to fire. Movement speed is halved. Health increased to 150. 65 Scrap
Zoltan Provides 1 power to occupied system. Maximum health is reduced to 70. Explodes when killed, causing 15 crew damage. 65 Scrap
Slug Telepathic powers reveal rooms and lifeforms even when sensors are down. Cannot be mind-controlled. 45 Scrap
Crystal Lockdown Power (Blocks movement to and from a room). No suffocation damage. Movement speed reduced by 20 percent. Health increased to 125. Special
?? Lanius Don't require oxygen to live, will drain oxygen from any room they inhabit. Moves a bit slower. (Advanced Edition Only) 50 Scrap


Crew members can gain experience in six skills through gameplay.

Skill XP/level Bonus XP Source
Piloting 15 +5/7/10% Evasion in Piloting Dodge enemy fire while manning Piloting
Engines 15 +5/7/10% Evasion in Engines; +10/14/19% FTL charge rate (estimated) Dodge enemy fire while manning Engines
Shields 55 +10/20/29% Shield recharge rate Enemy laser or flak attack hits shield while manning Shields
Weapons 65 +10/14/19% Weapons charge rate Fire any weapon while manning Weapons
Repair 18 -/+10%/+20% Faster repair speed Repair damaged system by one point
Combat 8 -/+10%/+20% Kill enemy unit/damage enemy systems one point


Humans are the most common race found in the galaxy. They have no special traits,and no weaknesses either, which makes them the most balanced race, when compared to the others. The Advanced Edition update added a increased rate in learning skills. This perk is enabled in AE, regardless of what AE state picked in New Game. Humans are the pilots of the Federation and rebel ship variants.


Engi are cybernetic lifeforms. They rely mostly on drones and ion weapons in combat. The unique traits for the Engi are that they do half damage in combat, but have doubled repair speed. Engi ships, when found, typically have laser and ion weaponry, accompanied by drones. With no regard whatsoever for aesthetics, Engi ships are often described by other species as looking like haphazard combinations of various scrap components, though in fact they are designed to be extremely efficient, if rather utilitarian.


Mantis are a race best used for combat.You can find mantis from green to gray. They move faster than normal and do two times the damage in combat. This makes them excellent members of a boarding team, provided you are lucky enough to find some. However, they repair systems and breaches as well as put out fires at half speed. Mantis ships are bright red, and will almost always have a teleporter. They use mainly missile and ion weaponry.


Rockman (or Rock) are an alien species made of stone.The are normally gray but can be found in other colors. They will take no damage at all from fire and have one hundred and fifty health, but move half as fast as a human. They are the second rarest FTL race, and also make good boarders. Their ships are orange-ish brown and they typically use many missiles.


Zoltans are green, humanoid beings that give off innate energy. This trait allows them to give one power bar to any room they are located in, which allows your ship's reactor to go beyond normal capacity. To offset this, they only have seventy health. This makes them worse than the other races for boarding, sealing breaches and combatting fires. Their ships are green with orange windows and have a special shield. This shield can take extra damage but will not regenerate. Not even missiles can penetrate these shields until they are depleted. They rely on beam and laser weapons.


Slugs are giant slugs. They have a telepathic ability which allows them to see rooms adjacent to the one they are stationed in, and see enemy crew members when sensors fail broken/nebula/hacking. Slugs typically inhabit nebulae, and use dirty tactics, such as poisoning drinks and sabotaging systems. Their ships are typically a bluish gray and they use a variety of weaponry. In the Advanced Edition, they are immune to mind control, making them useful for manning vital systems like piloting.


Crystal (or Crystal Men) are the mysterious ancient ancestors of the Rock. One of these people can be found in a damaged stasis pod .They are made up of a blue crystalline substance, which their ships are coated in. Their weapons fire shards of a crystal which can penetrate low level shields. Their racial trait is that they move 25% slower but take half as much suffocation damage. Another racial ability is that they can shut off a room to outside forces, making them excellent boarders. This can ensure that no enemy crew members can get into - or out of - a room a Crystal is fighting in, even by teleporter. You also find one on a rare occasion that leads to unlocking a ship.


Note: The Lanius are only found when Advanced Edition Content is active.

The Lanius are scavengers – metallic lifeforms that rely on the absorption of minerals to sustain themselves. Their society ebbs and flows in hibernation cycles; they may lie dormant for many years, even while hurtling through space. As soon as they become aware of significant metal deposits they reawaken. Usually this occurs in the dying stages of a galactic civilization or in the wake of intergalactic war.

Individuals of the Lanius race do not require life support to live – they can survive in deep space unaided. In fact, their unique composition reacts strongly to artificial environments causing them to drain the oxygen within any compartment they inhabit. This is no doubt one reason they have had difficulty with diplomatic relations. Lanius are capable of bending metal because of an in game event or research done.

The Lanius drain oxygen from the room that they inhabit. As such, their ships do not carry oxygen systems. They also move more slowly than other crew members. They live in abandoned sectors, marked hostile on the map. There is difficulty communicating with them, despite their powerful, advanced technology.