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Engi Med-bot Dispersal

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Augmentation Description[edit]

Floods the ship with Engi nano med-bots, healing the crew even when they are outside of the med-bay (at reduced speed).

  • Requires the med-bay to be receiving at least one power.
  • Healing rate does not increase as you level up the med-bay.

Related Event[edit]

Distress Signal in Engi Controlled Sector.
An Engi Vessel is being attacked by a Rebel Fighter.

  • Defeat the Rebel fighter

Receive the following message: The Engi vessel turns out to be a very poorly equipped - barely a runabout, really. They're trying to outrun the rebels, and need all the help they can get.

  1. Give them 25 scrap.
  2. Give them 40 scrap, 2 missiles and 2 fuel.
  3. Give them nothing.

If you choose option 2, you will receive the following message: They wouldn't get more than a few jumps with that load-out. You provide them with all the munitions and supplies they should need for the journey home. "Generosity magnitude unpredicted. Well-being syntax error [value too high]. Accept this token." Fuel: -2 Missiles: -2 Scrap -40 Augment: Engi Med-bot Dispersal