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Cruiser Hull Crystal B Carnelian.png
Cruiser Crystal B Carnelian.png
Ship type Crystal Cruiser
Layout Layout B
Missiles 0
Drone parts 0
Power 8
Augmentations Crystal Vengeance
Achievements Sweet Revenge, No Escape, Clash of the Titans
Door System
Weapon Control
Crew Teleporter

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The Carnelian is the second layout of the Crystal Cruiser. It is a boarding specialist ship which has no starting weapons. It starts with a crew of three Crystals and a 4-person Teleporter pad.

How to Unlock the Carnelian[edit]

The Carnelian is unlocked by completing two of the Crystal-Cruiser specific achievements.


Ship Strengths[edit]

  • The ship comes with three Crystal crewmembers.
  • The 4-slot teleporter makes the ship extremely strong for boarding.
  • The ships starts with both one layer of shield and a Cloaking Device.
  • A boarding-focused setup to start results in bonus scrap, rewards and crewmembers.
  • The Crystal Vengeance augment can be sold for 40 scrap.

Ship Weaknesses[edit]

  • This ship has no weapons or drones to start with.
  • Crystal Vengeance cannot be controlled and triggers randomly so it can put your boarding crew at risk.
  • The ship's layout is sprawling and oddly shaped.

Leaving the Hangar[edit]

The Carnelien is a boarding-focused ship, and it is one of the strongest, if not THE strongest, ships in the game. You can board with all three crewmembers to start, if you wish, or hold one back to pilot. Board in the enemy weapons room and lock it down, twice in a row if necessary, to disable it. Then kill the crew. Rinse and repeat. Your first priority upgrades should be Teleporter 2 and Medbay 2. Then round out your defenses with Shields 2 and a Defense Drone if possible. The only problems you will face in the early game will be Auto-scouts/Auto-assaults, and Zoltan ships, which cannot be defeated until you get a damaging weapon (though Ion weapons are sufficient for the latter).

As this is a boarding-based ship, the Crystal Vengeance will only do more harm than good, potentially hitting your boarding team, and you shouldn't be getting hit anyways. Sell it as soon as possible for scrap.

Since the Crystal crew can lock down a room, you do not even need a missile to disable medbays. Simply board in the medbay and lock it down, then destroy it. Another option is to board in the weapons room and disable these, which gives you time to take out other systems or to teleport back to heal. Even Auto-drones are simple to disable, due to the Crystal suffocation resistance. Just remember that you'll need some sort of hull-damaging weapon to kill Auto-ships, unless you want to sacrifice a crew member.

Since you are boarding, you will eventually get free crew. Probably the best boarding crew in the game is two Crystal and two Mantis, while an Engi can shore up your repair rate at home on the off-chance you ever get hit.

The boss should be very simple with a four-person teleporter, starting cloaking device, and massive scrap rewards throughout the game. Just remember to have some damaging weapons as well by this point.

The Carnelian, not the Bravais, truly is your reward for the tedious and frustrating Crystal Cruiser unlock quest. Enjoy!


  • Cloak to avoid damage from the first enemy volley, until your Crystals can kill the crew or destroy the weapons room.
  • Beware boarding with 4 crew. If you board into a two-person room (or three, in the case of an enemy big Medbay), the remaining crew will be teleported to a different nearby room, splitting up your boarding party. This can be fatal depending on the enemy crew composition.
  • Pick carefully which room to board in, to minimize incoming damage to your ship.
  • Chain your Crystal Lockdowns together to give yourself time to disable rooms or kill off crew members. Be aware that the enemy crew might break through earlier than expected if they are attacking the crystals.
  • Visit a Rock Homeworlds sector if you want to have fun in the Crystal sector!
  • Despite the ease of playing the Carnelian, do not get complacent. The game can still screw you over if you get lazy!