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<div style="float:right"><onlyinclude>{{Shipbox
|defaultname  = The Torus
|defaultname  = The Torus
|smallimage    = Cruiser Hull Engi A The Torus.png
|smallimage    = Cruiser Hull Engi A The Torus.png
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|system_cloaking        =  
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|system_artillery_beam  =  

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The Torus
Cruiser Hull Engi A The Torus.png
Cruiser Engi A The Torus.png
Ship type Engi Cruiser
Layout Layout A
Weapons Ion Blast II
Drones Drone Anti-Ship Mark I small.png Anti-Ship Drone Mark I
Missiles 0
Drone parts 15 Drone parts
Power 10
Augmentations Engi Med-bot Dispersal
Achievements Robotic Warfare, I hardly lifted a finger, The guns... They've stopped
Door System
Weapon Control
Drone Control

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The Torus is an unlockable Engi ship in FTL. It relies on drones and ion weapons to fight enemy ships, but it can be very effective if used properly. It has a unique augmentation, called Engi Med-Bot Dispersal, which will heal all crew outside of the med-bay if the med-bay is powered, albeit at a slower rate. The Torus starts with a crew of two Engis and a Human. It is equipped with an Ion Blast II and an Anti-Ship Drone I.

How to Unlock the Torus

Unlocking the Torus can be achieved by reaching the fifth sector. Therefore, it is considered the easiest ship to unlock.


The Torus is primarily focused on drones. Chances are, you will use drones if you use the Torus. Ion weapons are very powerful, as they can lock down weapons and/or shields while your drone can do hull damage. Having a second weapon such as beam laser is very helpful.

Ship Strengths

  • 2 Engis are two times faster at repairing the ship
  • Start off with a drone and an ion weapon that can disable enemy systems
  • The Drone Control System has three slots for Drones and comes pre-installed.
  • Starts off with the Engi Med-Bot Disperal, which can heal crew outside of the medbay, if at a slower rate.

Ship Weaknesses

  • Engis deal less damage in combat.
  • Don't start with any damage dealing weapons (excluding drones)
  • Only gets three slots for weaponry.

Leaving the Hangar

Use your human to pilot the Torus while your two Engis man weapons and engines. This gives them the option to run off to repair things if they need to. If you get another crew member early, move him to weapons and have both Engis act as repair "floaters".

A drone-focused ship such as the Torus has a few unique disadvantages. Firstly, you have no control over what the Anti-Ship drone shoots at. Secondly, you are in danger of running out of drone parts and becoming helpless. Thirdly, you must hit continuously with the Ion Blast II for your drone to do any damage. Any misses can be a problem, especially against a ship with a lot of shielding.

However, your Torus has major advantages as well. You already have the most generally useful system installed; this means an early Defense Drone can be used immediately, saving you mountains of scrap in repairs from missiles. Between your drones, Ion weaponry and Engi crew, you have a ton of blue options right off the bat, which will get you some extra scrap. You should always equip 'niche' drones such as System Repair, Anti-Personnel, Boarding or Beam drones, even if you have no intention of using them, due to the blue options they unlock at events. Anti-Personnel drones are useful as well due to your ship's vulnerability to boarders. You also have a useful augment that can be sold for easy scrap if you need it.

Your first priority should be your defenses, so you can give the Anti-Ship drone time to work, and also account for the Ion Blast II missing once in a while. Shields 2, a Defense drone if possible, and better engines are always helpful. If you should be lucky enough to find a Drone Recovery Arm, do what you can to obtain it; you can then forget about purchasing drone parts ever again. You also need a second weapon, preferably one that can be aimed manually. A missile or bomb might come in handy because you will have a massive stockpile of unused missiles by the midgame otherwise.

Anti-Ship Drone IIs are a wise investment if you can power them; Defense Drone IIs less so, as they tend to get distracted. If you don't collect a second Ion Weapon, you may be better off selling the Ion Blast II by the endgame as it becomes too unreliable. Just make sure you can get through four layers of shields reliably by the Last Stand.

Your weapons will chop through Zoltan Shields, so Zoltan sectors are actually recommended in this ship. Also consider Engi-controlled due to the amount of blue options available for Engi crew. Try to avoid Mantis sectors if you can due to your vulnerable crew members.

If you put together a a reliable shield-busting setup, the Torus should be a breeze for the endgame. Good luck!


  • In the beginning of the game, use the ion weapon to disable shields, then let your drone deal damage
  • Get a weapon that deals damage, and use that with the ion's ability to disable systems to maximize its damage capability (i.e. disabling shields and then using a halberd beam)
  • Try to get a Mantis or a Rockman to deal with boarders; otherwise, consider early upgrades to doors to vent oxygen
  • Man weapons as often as you can; the Ion Blast II will mean your crew member will level up quickly. Use Auto-fire on the enemy shield room to avoid having to reclick every four seconds.
  • Equip specialist drones that you find, even if you aren't going to use them. They unlock blue options at events even when unpowered. You can always sell them later if you need the scrap.


Robotic Warfare is unlocked by having three drones active at the same time. Having two attack drones and one defense drone is good for earning this achievement.

I hardly lifted a finger can be unlocked by destroying an enemy ship with drones only. This can be done easily by finding an unshielded auto-scout in the first sector and using your Anti-Ship I drone to destroy it.

The guns... they've stopped will be unlocked when four systems have been shut down by ion weapons simultaneously. Having three Ion Blast II weapons will help greatly but may be very expensive to power. At later stages, as little as one Ion Blast II and an Ion Blast may be able to depower four systems: For achievement purposes, an enemy ship with Cloaking or Teleportation on cooldown will have those systems be considered "shut down."