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The Nesasio

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The Nesasio
Cruiser Hull Stealth A The Nesasio.png
Cruiser Stealth A The Nesasio.png
Ship type Stealth Cruiser
Layout Layout A
Weapons Mini Beam, Dual Lasers
Missiles 0
Drone parts 0
Power 8
Augmentations Long-Ranged Scanners, Titanium System Casing
Achievements Bird of Prey, Phase Shift, Tactical Approach
Door System
Weapon Control

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It is notable that The Nesasio Cruiser starts with no shields, and must rely entirely on dodging and the cloaking system to avoid damage.


The Nesasio is unlocked by doing a questline in the Engi homeworlds. It starts off with no shields but with cloaking, which makes it rely on cloaking and evasion for defense. Shields can be purchased at a store, however. It begins with Dual Lasers and a Mini-Beam, as well as a crew of three humans.

How to Unlock The Nesasio

The Nesasio is difficult to unlock. First, you must have an Engi crew member, and be in the Engi Homeworlds sector. You may come across a group of Engi having a heated discussion about something. There will be a blue option for using your Engi crew member to speak. Do so, and you will get two quest markers.

At each of the quest markers you will find a ship. You must extract information from the ship. However, one of them does not know and is a ploy. Once you have information from the correct ship, you will get another quest marker, possibly in the next sector. Once you get there, you will fight a Mantis ship commandeered by rebels.

After the ship is destroyed, you will receive a weapon and The Nesasio cruiser for future playthroughs.


Ship Strengths

  • Starts with a Cloaking Device, which is the most costly system, and two augmentations that support the use of Cloaking as a defense.
  • Overall has a strong, short fuse, cheap starter weaponry array that provides a strong start and initiative. Dual Lasers fire two shots for the cost of one and is objectively superior to Burst Laser Mark I. Neat. And despite the small length of the Mini-Beam, it can still do 3 or 4 hull damage while crippling several systems, depending on the layout of the enemy ship. It also ignites fires. Due to its innate energetic cheapness, The Nesasio allows swift scalability of the weapon system.
  • Starts with Level 4 engines resulting in a strong starting dodge chance.
  • Only ship with the Titanium Systems Casing, which can prevent systems damage. Barring that, it sells for a large amount of scrap.
  • Starts with Long-Ranged Scanners which ensures a high scrap profit run and strong midgame. Especially important in hard difficulty when scrap is extremely scarce.

Ship Weaknesses

  • Starts with no shields greatly increasing its vulnerability to beam weapons and drones of all types.
  • The Nesasio is also vulnerable to asteroid fields, should you somehow end up at one with no shields.
  • Three humans as crew make The Nesasio vulnerable to boarding, and provides almost no blue options.
  • The Nesasio is a ship that requires a fine timing and understanding on how fully exploit all the assets that it provides, which means, it is no ship for inexperienced players. This factor makes it possible to detonate a fully hulled ship in the first three beacons, while in fact, the ship actually provides great start possibilities.
  • Due to the fact that it has only three weapon slots the end-game can be somewhat weakened. The starter array should be replaced by the end but it can fit in a 4-3-1 scheme weaponry array, alternatively a 4-2-2 is often superior.

Leaving the Hangar

The Nesasio will take some adjustment if you are used to playing other cruisers because it starts with no shields. This makes drones and beam weapons your worst nightmare because you have no shields to protect you from them.

There is, however, a way to avoid most damage with your cloak. When an enemy missile/volley is incoming, cloak as it nears your ship. It will most likely harmlessly pass by and not hit your ship, since The Nesasio has a starting 90% chance of evasion when cloaked (20 evasion points from level 4 motors + 10 from manning the engines + 60 of the cloak). When your crew has maxed level engines, and piloting and engines are manned, the evasion will be boosted to 100%.

The ship has two unique augmentations: Long-Ranged Scanners and Titanium System Casing. Long-Ranged Scanners gives additional information about nearby beacons and Titanium System Casing has a fifteen percent chance to negate any system damage when a system is hit.

The most difficult part of The Nesasio is knowing how to correctly use the cloak to avoid shots in the early sectors. Once you know how avoid shots, the starting weapons of The Nesasio lets you destroy any ship almost undamaged in the first sector. In order to maximize the scrap won, you must try to engage every possible ship in the first sector. It's a must to prioritize the buying of the first layer of shields above anything (150 scrap, the same as a cloaking device). Sector three is usually the latest you can last without it. Since Titanium System Casing is not a very useful augment once you get the shields, you could sell it for 50 scrap in order to buy the shields, leaving you with a difference of 100 of scrap to cover up, which is more than achievable in the first sector.

Early battles will consist of using the Dual Lasers to drop enemy shields, and then firing the Mini Beam to inflict further damage. Since you start with no shields, it is recommended to target the weapons room with the Dual Lasers, so that it takes a second point of damage from the Mini Beam, potentially disabling it and allowing you to avoid further damage if the enemy ship is still standing. Two-shield ships will still be doable, but even then you should be investing in more damaging weapons at that point. A great upgrade to complement the Mini Bean is the Ion Blast Mark II - with manned weapons the ion damage starts to stack and can disable any shield. With the Ion Blast Mark II and the starting weapons it's possible to win the game.

Another great but later (sector 4-5 and above) offensive upgrade is the Crew Teleporter system. Since The Nesasio is left with an excellent defense once you get the shields (40 evasion if manning reasonably upgraded systems, along with a cloak), it makes a good boarding ship. You can teleport and direct your crew, preferably to the weapons system, while you can avoid the first enemy shots with the cloak. In this scenario it's a good idea to carry bombs to disable the Healing Bay in the case the enemy ship is equipped with one.

Defensively, more levels of shield and a Defensive Drone Mark I (not Mark II) should do the job. The cloak system needs no upgrade if you carry low reload time weapons.

You should pick your next sector carefully at the exit beacon. Early on, you should avoid Zoltan sectors (due to Zoltan shields), Rebel sectors (due to Rebel Riggers with guaranteed drone bays) and probably Mantis sectors (due to strong boarding parties and lots of weapons). Engi sectors are usually very friendly but often have drone ships as well. Other safer sectors include Rock, Civilian, and Pirate sectors. Nebulas and Slug sectors have plenty of blue options for Cloak/Sensors but you risk getting many "empty' events at non-hostile beacons which can cripple you later.


  • This ship has four venting doors, but two of them are easily overlooked; they are near the center of the ship in the two-square room between the cloaking room and the medbay. Venting the rear of the ship is difficult without those doors.
  • Use your cloak wisely. Experienced players won't need this but The Nesasio's sensors, if manned, allow you to monitor enemy weaponry charge. In many situations in sectors 1 or 2, you will discover that you can evade the first enemy volley by delaying your cloak until the last moment. If the enemy has a mini beam, an early cloak can make the diference.
  • With the starter weapon array, cloak level II guarantees you THREE volleys clean before they can shoot you in almost any situation.
  • In early sectors. Projectile weapons before cloaking and beam weapons while cloaked. Beams won't disrupt cloaks, so you can safely assess damage and divert the beam to another subsystem if necessary; like drones to weapons - obviously you must shoot before the enemy shields' breach closes.
  • In early sectors IF you receive an enemy with drones. it's bad news BUT don't panic, drones only shoot from the corner. DELAY the cloak until the LAST moment and only when the drone hits the corner you go to safety. Your short-fuse weaponry array will do the rest and hopefully disrupt this system. If you play well and your luck isn't completely terrible you ought to be OK. In exchange, this ship usually renders missile attackers harmless. If the worse happens, you will usually have engines to avoid the enemy attacks.
  • Use your Long-Range Scanners to aggressively pursue as many fights as possible, the scrap make it worthwhile. Even in early sectors, in which you can make good use of all The Nesasio's assets, this ship is a step ahead of almost anything you can encounter. Drones may become a threat, but not such a serious one.
  • The Cloaking Device and Long-Range Scanners (and your level 2 sensors if you've sold the LRS) also provide some blue options to escape or bypass fights or often gain crew members. Nebulas have many options for this.
  • Selling your Titanium Ship Casing (for a hefty 40 scrap) for Shields is a 'textbook move' for this ship, usually can be achieved in sector one. Also, Flak 1 or Burst Laser II make valuable upgrades to your weaponry. Titanium Ship Casing is not a worthwhile augment but sells well.


Bird of Prey: This can be unlocked by destroying a ship during a single cloak while the ship was originally at full health. In sector one, upgrade your cloak to maximum, find an unshielded auto-scout, and use your weapons. This should unlock the achievement.

Phase Shift: Avoid nine points of damage in a single cloak, which is a tricky achievement due to the lack of "nine points of damage" capabilities early on. The easiest way to unlock it is to fight your way to the Rebel Flagship. Once you get to the third stage, cloak as the power surge is fired and you should unlock the achievement.

Tactical Approach: You must not jump into an environmental hazard until sector eight which includes asteroid fields, ion storms, and a nearby sun. Usually one of the easiest because you will typically avoid these.

Layout B

Layout B of The Nesasio is the DA-SR 12, which has a very bumpy beginning. You have no Titanium System Casing, you start with level two cloaking, and your sole weapon is a Glaive Beam. This sounds great, but level two cloak only lasts ten seconds whereas your Glaive Beam takes twenty five seconds to charge. If your weapons system is harmed at all you will not be able to fight. You can read more about the DA-SR 12 here.