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|defaultname  = The Nesasio
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The Stealth Cruiser is notable in that it starts with no shields, and must rely entirely on dodging and the cloaking system to avoid damage.
The Stealth Cruiser is notable in that it starts with no shields, and must rely entirely on dodging and the cloaking system to avoid damage.

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The Nesasio
Cruiser Hull Stealth A The Nesasio.png
Cruiser Stealth A The Nesasio.png
Ship type Stealth Cruiser
Layout Layout A
Weapons Mini Beam, Dual Lasers
Missiles 0
Drone parts 0
Power 8
Augmentations Long-Ranged Scanners, Titanium System Casing
Achievements Bird of Prey, Phase Shift, Tactical Approach
Door System
Weapon Control

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The Stealth Cruiser is notable in that it starts with no shields, and must rely entirely on dodging and the cloaking system to avoid damage.


The Nesasio is unlocked by doing a questline in the Engi homeworlds. It starts off with no shields but with cloaking, which makes it rely on cloaking and evasion for defense. Shields can be purchased at a store, however. It begins with Dual Lasers and a Mini-Beam, as well as a crew of three humans.

How to Unlock the Nesasio

The Nesasio is difficult to unlock. First, you must have an Engi crew member, and be in the Engi Homeworlds sector. You may come across a group of Engi having a heated discussion about something. There will be a blue option for using your Engi crew member to speak. Do so, and you will get two quest markers.

At each of the quest markers you will find a ship. You must extract information from the ship. However, one of them does not know and is a ploy. Once you have information from the correct ship, you will get another quest marker, possibly in the next sector. Once you get there, you will fight a Mantis ship commandeered by rebels.

After the ship is destroyed, you will receive a weapon and the Nesasio cruiser for future playthroughs.


Ship Strengths

  • Starts with a Cloaking Device and two augmentations that support the use of Cloaking as a defense.
  • Dual Lasers fire two shots for the cost of one, and is strictly superior to Burst Laser Mark I. Neat.
  • Despite the small length of the Mini-Beam, it can still do 3 or 4 hull damage while crippling several systems, depending on the layout of the enemy ship.
  • Starts with Level 4 engines resulting in a strong starting dodge chance.
  • Only ship with the Titanium Systems Casing, which can prevent systems damage. Barring that, it sells for a large amount of scrap.

Ship Weaknesses

  • Starts with no shields greatly increasing its vulnerability to beam weapons and drones of all types.
  • the Nesasio is also vulnerable to asteroid fields and sun beacons, should you somehow end up at one with no shields.
  • Three humans as crew make the Nesasio vulnerable to boarding.
  • It is difficult to vent oxygen from anywhere beyond the weapons room.

Leaving the Hangar

The Nesasio will take some adjustment if you are used to playing other cruisers because it starts with no shields. This makes drones and beam weapons your worst nightmare because you have no shields to protect you from them. You will almost always have to use weapons because you will take a beating if you send crew over to board.

There is, however, a way to avoid most damage with your cloak. When an enemy missile/volley is incoming, cloak as it nears your ship. It will most likely harmlessly pass by and not hit your ship.

The ship has two unique augmentations: Long-Ranged Scanners and Titanium System Casing. Long-Ranged Scanners gives additional information about nearby beacons and Titanium System Casing has a fifteen percent chance to negate any system damage when a system is hit.

The most difficult part of the Nesasio is surviving long enough to buy the first layer of shields (150 scrap, the same as a cloaking device, plus at least 40 to power the layer, for 190 scrap minimum). Sector three is usually the latest you can last without it. In order to survive to accumulate 190 scrap, however, you will need to upgrade your cloak to level 2 and probably level 3. Due to the low power of the starting weapons, reliable shield busting becomes a concern very quickly as well.

Early battles will consist of using the Dual Lasers to drop enemy shields, and then firing the Mini Beam to inflict further damage. Since you start with no shields, it is recommended to target the weapons room with the Dual Lasers, so that it takes a second point of damage from the Mini Beam, potentially disabling it and allowing you to avoid further damage if the enemy ship is still standing. Two-shield ships will still be doable, but even then you should be investing in more damaging weapons at that point.

You should pick your next sector carefully at the exit beacon. Early on, you should avoid Zoltan sectors (due to Zoltan shields), Rebel sectors (due to Rebel Riggers with guarenteed drone bays) and probably Mantis sectors (due to strong boarding parties and lots of weapons). Engi sectors are usually very friendly but often have drone ships as well. Other safer sectors include Rock, Civilian, and Pirate sectors. Nebulas and Slug sectors have plenty of blue options for Cloak/Sensors but you risk getting many "empty' events at non-hostile beacons which can cripple you later.


  • Learn to cloak just after the first volley of lasers or missiles have fired from the enemy ship. This will maximize the time your weapons have to charge while minimizing the potential damage.
  • If a ship has one major weapon (Burst Laser II or III, Hull/Breach Missiles, etc) and some auxiliary weapons (Burst Laser I, Small Bomb, etc), you should risk the smaller shots and then cloak to avoid the main weapon. You can't dodge beams though, so for these, it's best to avoid the small shots and try to hit the weapons before the beam fires.
  • Use your Long-Range Scanners to avoid early fights in sector 1 and 2. You do desperately need the scrap from ship battles, of course, but if you begin by visiting non-hostile beacons, you have a decent chance to find good events and upgrade your cloaking device before starting to fight. Quests usually start from non-hostile beacons as well.
  • It is also recommended to hit distress beacons, as even if a ship is present, it has a good chance to be a stranded freighter which you can guide to safety or give fuel to in return for loot.
  • The Cloaking Device and Long-Range Scanners (and your level 2 sensors if you've sold the LRS) also provide some blue options to escape or bypass fights, or often get crew members. Nebulas have many options for this.
  • Take surrender offers/bribes immediately early on, or your ship will suffer more damage finishing the enemy ship. Every point of hull counts.
  • Consider selling your Titanium Ship Casing (for a hefty 50 scrap) if you can get an important upgrade. Usually you can get that final boost for the Shields system, but swapping it for an early Scrap Recovery Arm can be worthwhile as well.
  • in the first sector or two you should try and pick fights as you can dodge their first attack with your stealth and can quickly take out their weapons before they ever hit you, if played well you can avoid taking any damage in the first few sectors.


Bird of Prey: This can be unlocked by destroying a ship during a single cloak while the ship was originally at full health. In sector one, upgrade your cloak to maximum, find an unshielded auto-scout, and use your weapons. This should unlock the achievement.

Phase Shift: Avoid nine points of damage in a single cloak. Which is a tricky achievement due to the lack of "nine points of damage" capabilities early on. The easiest way to unlock it is to fight your way to the Rebel Flagship. Once you get to the third stage, cloak as the power surge is fired and you should unlock the achievement.

Tactical Approach: You must not jump into an environmental hazard until sector eight which includes asteroid fields, ion storms, and a nearby sun. Usually one of the easiest because you will typically avoid these.

Layout B

Layout B of the Nesasio is the DA-SR 12, which has a very bumpy beginning. You have no Titanium System Casing, you start with level two cloaking, and your sole weapon is a Glaive Beam. This sounds great, but level two cloak only lasts ten seconds whereas your Glaive Beam takes twenty five seconds to charge. If your weapons system is harmed at all you will not be able to fight. You can read more about the DA-SR 12 here.