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The Adjudicator

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The Adjudicator
Cruiser Hull Zoltan A The Adjudicator.png
Cruiser Zoltan A The Adjudicator.png
Ship type Zoltan Cruiser
Layout Layout A
Weapons Halberd Beam, Leto
Missiles 12 Missiles
Drone parts 2 Drone parts
Power 5
Augmentations Zoltan Shield
Achievements Shields Holding, Givin' her all she's got, Captain!, Manpower
Door System
Weapon Control

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The Adjudicator is a Zoltan Cruiser which features the strong but temporary defense of the Zoltan Shield augmentation. It starts with a crew of three Zoltans, a Halberd Beam, and a Leto Missile Launcher.

How to Unlock the Adjudicator

The Adjudicator can be unlocked in the Zoltan Homeworlds by picking peaceful and diplomatic choices. In the Zoltan Homeworlds (green sector) in a node without ships, you may encounter peaceful Zoltans. Choosing the option to listen to them causes a quest marker to appear. Follow the quest marker and youll encounter a hostile rebel fighter. Choosing a peaceful solution instead of fighting causes the Zoltans to reappear and end the fight without hostility as well as unlocking the Zoltan Cruiser.


The Adjudicator's unique feature is its Zoltan Shield, a special outer shield that will absorb five points of damage before disappearing. Until it disappears it prevents enemy crew from teleporting to your ship. This shield will recharge only upon jumping to a new beacon.

Ship Strengths

  • Zoltan Shield gives extra protection
  • Zoltans provide extra power to systems
  • Halberd beam pierces 1 shield layer and deals heavy damage (2 per room)
  • Starts with Level 2 Door Controls, which help offset the low HP of Zoltan crew.

Ship Weaknesses

  • Start off with only five power bars
  • All-Zoltan start makes this ship extremely vulnerable to boarding, especially in encounter with intruders.
  • Weapons either take a long time to charge up or require missiles
  • Can't fully power everything in beginning of the game
  • Just like other types of Zoltan Cruisers, the Adjudicator has very bad rooms structure, giving extra challenge in case of boarding, fire, and hull breach.

Leaving the Hangar

Unlike other ships, the Adjudicator has very strong defenses even with only one shield layer, thanks to the Zoltan Shield. Your initial problem will be power: one or two extra power bars immediately come highly recommended, so that your systems don't shut down if you have to shift your Zoltans around, or send them to heal. Get your engines up to speed and then look for a decent weapon to replace the Leto Missile Launcher, as it stops being effective very quickly. Ion weapons are an excellent find for this ship. Don't delay your second shield layer too long, though, otherwise you will be very vulnerable if you come up against a ship that repairs quickly (with repair drones or Engis).

Focus on disabling the enemy weapons rooms first and foremost, as this will help your Zoltan shield last longer. Missiles are also much less of a threat so you can delay your Drone Control if you like as well. Just make sure you can stop the enemy weapons reasonably quickly.

Your upgraded doors help, but boarding is still threatening with an all-Zoltan crew, even if they can't board you until the shield is down, so disable teleporters as soon as you can if you see one. Retreating to the medbay is dangerous if you are running on Zoltan power for your major systems; another reason why extra power bars are important. If you get the chance for new crew, move your Zoltan off the pilot's seat and into a systems room where his free power doesn't go to waste. A Mantis is great for defense, while a Rockman is a good choice for pilot. Unlike most starting augmentations, keep the Zoltan Shield at all costs; don't sell it for another augment or weapon.

Annoyingly, random event boarding parties (not boarders coming from enemy ships) will still teleport onto your ship, even though Zoltan Shields are supposed to prevent inbound teleporting!

Remember to have your defenses up to speed for the boss, as the Zoltan Shield won't last long against the boss's massive firepower.


  • Place your Zoltans in areas in need of more power to combat the low energy that the ship starts off with.
  • Get an ion weapon to disable shields and take advantage of having a halberd beam. In the beginning you can also use the Leto.
  • Get an Engi and a Mantis to repair systems quickly and deal with enemies, respectively.
  • Take advantage of the Zoltan shielding to upgrade offense more in the beginning. After disabling enemy ship's shields (i.e. with an ion bomb), the halberd beam can deal a lot of damage. Enemies also can't teleport in while the Zoltan shielding is up, so disable that as soon as possible.


Shields Holding is unlocked by destroying a ship before it gets through the Zoltan Shield. If you find a weak enemy in Sector 1 and use both of your weapons in combination, this should be fairly easy to accomplish.

Givin' her all she's got, Captain! is unlocked by having 29 power in systems at the same time. Essentially, this means that you have to have at least four Zoltan crew and your reactor has to be fully upgraded. In the advanced edition, you can also use the Backup Battery to provide the necessary reactor boost.

Manpower is unlocked if you are able to get to Sector 5 without upgrading your reactor. If trying to unlock this achievement, purchase Zoltan crew members whenever you get a chance. Also, make heavy use of missiles. You should have plenty of scrap for buying them since you won't be making many upgrades. Finally, remember that you don't need to have your oxygen on all the time; only turn it on when absolutely necessary, and at the end of battles, let your oxygen refill completely before jumping.