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|powerbars  = 5
|powerbars  = 5
|augmentations = [[Augmentations#Zoltan Shield|Zoltan Shield]]
|augmentations = [[Augmentations#Zoltan Shield|Zoltan Shield]]
|achievements = [[Master of Patience]], [[Diplomatic Immunity]], [[Artillery Mastery]]
|achievements = [[Shields Holding]], [[Diplomatic Immunity]], [[Artillery Mastery]]

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The Adjudicator
Ship type Zoltan Cruiser
Layout Layout A
Weapons Halberd Beam, Leto
Drones 2
Missiles 12 Missiles
Power 5
Augmentations Zoltan Shield
Achievements Shields Holding, Diplomatic Immunity, Artillery Mastery

Unlock Ship

The Adjudicator can be unlocked in the Zoltan Homeworlds by picking peaceful and diplomatic choices.

Ship Features

The Adjudicator's unique feature is its Zoltan Shield, a special outer shield that will absorb five points of damage before disappearing. Until it disappears it prevents Teleportation (at least hostile, not checked outboard teleport). This shield will recharge only upon jumping to a new beacon.


thanks to the extra shielding, initially you could concentrate all your upgrade and energy into offensive, to drop the enemy shield and devastate it with the beam. this is true expecially against the mantis, the zoltan shield prevent teleportation, so you have time to kill his teleporter before he could use it at all.

after a few sector you should increase defence and find a way to shatter 3 point shield if you want to continue with the halberd beam, or make some radical weapon restyling.