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Sector selection map.

All FTL worlds progress through a generated map with many sectors of which the player can choose a total of eight. The first and last sectors are predetermined and are chosen for the player and all paths eventually lead to the final sector. There are three types of sectors: Civilian, hostile and nebula. The long-range beacon at the end of a sector will take the player to the next sector, which is sometimes a choice but a sector can also lead to a single other sector. Each type of sector has a few subtypes, though they don't differ much apart from some sector-specific events.

Sector Types


Civilian sectors are generally the safest sectors to travel in with more stores and non-combat events and less enemy ships. Civilian sectors are home to the Zoltan and Engi, and the sectors that both control are also considered civilian sectors.


As the name suggests, hostile sectors are generally more filled with enemies and other nasty things. Though dangerous, traveling in hostile space can also be quite rewarding. The Mantis' and Rockmen's home worlds are both considered hostile sectors, as are sectors under their control. Pirate-controlled and Rebel-controlled sectors are also considered hostile.


Nebulas are zones in which your sensors will be disabled and various nebula-related events can take place, like ion storms. Slugs make their home in nebulas.

Sector List

Civilian Sectors

Hostile Sectors

Nebula Sectors

Special Sectors

Secret Sectors