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Portable USB

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The developers have been informed of the fan desire to have a version of FTL: Faster Than Light whichs runs portably from a folder (such as a Dropbox or USB storage).

Running Without Admin Privileges

If one wants to play the game on a machine without admin privileges, one needs:

  • Access to a Windows machine with admin privileges.
  • The DRM-free version of the game.

Installation steps:

1) Using the Windows machine with admin privileges, install the game to a folder.

2) Copy the folder to a new folder (such as Dropbox or USB storage).

3) Run the FTLgame.exe on the Windows machine without admin privileges.


  • The game will still create the save games in the default location, which is C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\My Games\FasterThanLight\. If one wants to remove trace of the game, this folder will need to be purged or backed up for future use.
  • In terms of system requirements, the game is lightweight and can be run on most office or school machines that run Windows XP. It has very light systems requirements, and runs in a window by default. The main barrier is the fact that it runs in 1280x720 resolution as a minimum.[1]