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Man of War

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Man of War
Cruiser Hull Slug A Man of War.png
Cruiser Slug A Man of War.png
Ship type Slug Cruiser
Layout Layout A
Weapons Anti-Bio Beam, Breach 1, Dual Lasers
Missiles 15 Missiles
Drone parts 0
Power 8
Augmentations Slug Repair Gel
Achievements We're in Position!, Home Sweet Home, Disintegration Ray
Door System
Weapon Control

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The Man-of-War is an unlockable Slug Cruiser. It has a unique focus of killing enemy crew without boarding via its specialized weaponry. It starts with a crew of two Slugs, an Anti-Bio Beam, a Breach Bomb Mk. I, and Dual Lasers.

How to Unlock the Man-of-War

To unlock the Man-of-War, you must visit a Slug Home Nebula sector and have a Slug crew member or level 2 sensors . You must fight (not board!) Slug ships in the nebula. They will often offer to surrender once you have damaged them. One ship will offer you the choice of an experimental weapon (an Anti-Bio Beam) or information. Choose the information, and you will get a quest marker in the sector. At the marker, choose the second option to tail the ships instead of charging in. Then, choose the blue option to trigger a fight. You must kill the ship before it escapes to unlock the Man-of-War.


Ship Strengths

  • Starts with the Bio beam!
  • Uses Slug Repair Gel augment.
  • Crew killing strategy results in extra scrap and bonuses without risking losing crew during boarding.
  • Starts with Level 2 Door Controls.

Ship Weaknesses

  • Starts with no sensors
  • Starts with only 2 crew members
  • Ship layout makes it hard to extinguish a fire in the cockpit.

Leaving the Hangar

In order to save enough scrap for the upgrades you need, you should use the Man-o-War for its intended strategy: crew-killing with the Anti-Bio Beam. Use the Breach Bomb and Dual Lasers to drop the enemy shields, then pick them off with the Bio Beam. Your initial upgrade should be a fourth rank of weapons so you can power all three weapons at the same time. After this, you should work on getting upgraded defenses.

The Breach Bomb Mk. I is weak and will stop being effective very quickly. Keep a look out for a better bomb, a decent missile, or even more lasers, whatever you need to drop the shields (and medbays) so you can work with your Bio Beam. You will probably start to get free crew; consider picking up Mantis or Rockmen and transitioning into a more traditional boarding strategy with a Teleporter. You need the extra crew on this ship anyways.

You should favour Slug-controlled sectors due to your slug crew. Avoid Rockman sectors due to the high health of the crew. Zoltan sectors are only worthwhile if you can drop the shields easily. Try to keep your Dual Lasers as they are quite efficient; they fire two lasers for only one power.

The main challenge for the Man-o-War will be maintaining your shield-dropping ability and minimizing damage until you can round out your ship. Good luck!


  • If you can't completely disable enemy shields, you can still drop them with a laser burst, then fire the Bio Beam while they are down. If the enemy ship doesn't have a medbay, you will eventually beat them through attrition.
  • For some reason, enemy internal drones are also damaged by the Anti-Bio Beam.
  • Also, peculiarly, Zoltan shields are also damaged by the Anti-Bio Beam.
  • Though you don't need the sensors upgrade due to your slug crew, level 2 Sensors allows you to see enemy health bars, which can come in handy.
  • Ion weapons are useful to help the Bio-Beam, but beware Auto-drones. Keep one hull-damaging weapon if you can.
  • Enjoy vaporizing those giant alien spiders with your Bio Beam blue option!
  • Slug Repair Gel is very convenient and occasionally life-saving, but should probably be your first choice to sell if you need the scrap.
  • Use the extreme length of the Bio-Beam (as long as a Pike Beam) to hit as many crew as possible. Remember you need to hit the square the crew member is in, not just the room.


  • We're in Position!: While using the Slug Cruiser, have vision of every room of the enemy ship without functioning sensors. The following enemy ships can be used to get this achievement with two slugs: Slug Interceptor, Federation Scout, Rebel Rigger, Rebel/Elite Fighter, Auto-Scout, Rock Scout, Rock Fighter, Rock Assault, Crystal Scout. This achievement does require a teleporter, however.
  • Home Sweet Home: Jump to 30 nebula locations before sector 8. Just hit as many nebula sectors as you can. If you're afraid of Ion Storms, get Long-Range Scanners so you can determine which nebula beacons to avoid. You can easily get this by exiting the game in a nebula, restarting the game (press continue on the menu), and repeating until you get the achievement (maximum of 30 times).
  • Disintegration Ray: While using the Slug Cruiser, kill 3 enemy crew members with one shot from the Anti-Bio Beam.