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This page is for NPC and hostile enemy ships.


Auto Scout

Auto Scout.

The Auto Scout is one of the most common enemies in FTL. It is controlled by AI and is made by the Rebels. These ships are often an easy fight in the beginning of the game, since they often lack shields. It is common for the Auto Scout to have a stealth system installed. Boarding is not advised on AI ships, since they don't have any oxygen in the rooms.

Auto Assault

Auto Assault Hull.
Auto Assault.

The Auto-Assualt is slightly less common than the Auto-Scout, but nevertheless still quite common. It is more prevalent on Normal Mode than Easy Mode. The presence of a Drone System is random, some of them have it and some don't. The Auto-Assualt usually deploys anti-ship drones. Do note that the ship is automated and can repair itself, it however cannot defend against boarding and fires.

Elite Fighter

Elite Fighter.

The Elite Fighter is an uncommon Rebel ship. It will only appear in Sector 8, or when the Rebel fleet gets you. As seen on the picture, the Elite Fighter is always equipped with advanced weapons and a teleporter. A reasonable strategy is to focus on getting their deadly weapons down, before they can damage you too much.

Rebel Rigger

Rebel Rigger

The rebel rigger is one of the most common enemies in FTL. The Rigger will always have a drone system. It can have up to 3 drones online at the same time, allthough it will usually not have the power for a third. Damaging a system will make the Rigger reroute power to a third drone, if it has one. The rigger can use every drone in the game, except hull repair, and will use Mark.II drones later on in the game. A curious loadout for the rigger consists of a small beam weapon and a beam drone, making it impossible for said Rigger to destroy a shielded ship. If you happen to confront this ship with the Stealth Ship, the best strategy is to get out of there as fast as possible.

Rebel Flagship

The Rebel Flagship is the final boss encountered in Sector 8.

Phase 1

Rebel Flagship.
  • Encountered in Sector 8, the final sector.

The final boss of the game this guy is tough he has every system and 4 powerful weapons each weapon (minus the beam) fires 3 shots doing 1 damage each.

weapons: boss heavy ion, boss heavy laser, boss missile, boss beam the boss missile is probably the most dangerous

weakness: weapon rooms are separate from the rest of the ship so once the man in that room is killed it cant be repaired it has a all human crew so teleporting on to kill them is easy(take out medbay)

strategy: if you have teleport use it to take out guys in weapons rooms killing all of the crew in the first phase of the fight helps later on it is also recommended to leave one crew member alive(best person to leave alive is guy in beam room)

End of Phase 1: once you destroy its health it will jump off losing the left side of the ship in the process losing its ion weapon, cloak system, and door control

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Phase 2


Engi Scout

Engi Scout Hull

Engi Bomber

Engi bomber.png


Rock Scout

Rock Scout.

Rock Fighter

Rock Fighter.

Rock Assault

Rock Assault.


Mantis Scout

Mantis Scout.

Mantis Fighter

Mantis Fighter.


Pirate Federation Scout

Merc Fed Scout.
Merc Fed Scout Hull

Pirate Federation Bomber

Merc Fed Bomber Hull
Merc Fed Bomber

Pirate Rebel Fighter

Merc Rebel Fighter
Merc Rebel Fighter

Pirate Slug Light-Cruiser

Merc Slug light-Cruiser.
Mantis Scout Hull.


Energy Fighter

Energy Fighter.


Federation Bomber

Federation Bomber.


Crystal Scout

Crystal Scout.
Crystal Scout Hull.

Crystal Bomber

Crystal Bomber.