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|defaultname  = DA-SR 12
|defaultname  = DA-SR 12
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|system_cloaking        = 2
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|system_artillery_beam  =  

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DA-SR 12
Cruiser Hull Stealth B DA-SR 12.png
Cruiser Stealth B DA-SR 12.png
Ship type Stealth Cruiser
Layout Layout B
Weapons Glaive Beam
Missiles 0
Drone parts 0
Power 7
Augmentations Long-Ranged Scanners
Achievements Bird of Prey, Phase Shift, Tactical Approach
Door System
Weapon Control

Kestrel Cruiser
The Kestrel
Stealth Cruiser
The Nesasio
DA-SR 12
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The Gila Monster
The Basilisk
Engi Cruiser
The Torus
The Vortex
Federation Cruiser
The Osprey
Slug Cruiser
Man of War
The Stormwalker
Rock Cruiser
Zoltan Cruiser
The Adjudicator
Crystal Cruiser


The DA-SR 12 is the second layout of the Nesasio. It starts with level two cloaking and its only weapon is the Glaive Beam which is the strongest beam weapon in the game. It lacks the Titanium System Casing the Nesasio has. Instead of three Humans, the crew is composed of two Humans and one Zoltan.

How to Unlock the DA-SR 12

Unlock two achievements in the Nesasio set.


Ship Strengths

  • Starts with the Glaive beam which has the highest potential damage out of all weapons (3 per room).
  • Starts with level 2 Cloaking.
  • Long-Range Scanners augment allows you to see ship locations one jump ahead and pick your battles.

Ship Weaknesses

  • The Glaive Beam takes a long time to charge, and it is the only weapon you start with.
  • The DA-SR 12 has no shields, which makes it very vulnerable to beam weapons and drones of all types.
  • The crew is very vulnerable to boarders.
  • Small medbay only supports two crew.

Leaving the Hangar

The DA-SR 12 will have a rough start. You have level two cloaking and your only weapon is a Glaive Beam. Your Glaive Beam must have twenty five seconds to charge(22.5 seconds if you man the weapons station) and your cloaking only lasts ten. The best strategy for the first fights will be to cloak after the enemy ship fires its weapons, just as the projectile appears on your half of the screen. (pausing helps) Reroute the power from oxygen to the engine to maximize your chance of evasion until the projectile passes; you will have an 80% chance of evasion during cloak which will allow you to duck most (not all!) of the enemy fire. Generally the wasted first shot will take around 10 seconds to charge up, the cloaking buys you 10 more, and the glaive beam should beat the second salvo by five seconds. Note that if the enemy has Ion Blast II, you will need to absorb some shots. If any hit your cloaking or weapons, escape is probably your only option. If an enemy anti-ship drone is about to target your cloak or weapon system, cloak immediately and hope they don't hit them again after your cloak is expired.

Your first upgrade should be the cloak, as the 15 second duration will allow you to fire the beam before the enemy gets the chance to return fire. Then, a LONG shopping list of holes to be filled awaits; you will need shields, engine upgrades, at least one additional weapon to remove shields prior to firing the glaive beam, energy bars to power all the systems, and combat-capable crew members to deal with boarders. As in the Nesasio, the hefty cost for the shield system(at least 190 scrap to buy and power the shield) will make upgrading your ship quite an ordeal, even more so because the ship does not have the titanium casing to be sold conveniently for 50 scrap. Do not hesitate to squeeze the power out of your oxygen chamber to maintain high priority systems and save the cost of one power bar between major upgrades.

If you are willing to keep the Glaive Beam until the end, the Weapon Pre-igniter augmentation is almost a must. Unless you can stumble upon one at the store or from an exceedingly rare encounter, it may be better to sell the Glaive Beam. Multiple low-power weapons are almost exclusively better than one high-power weapon.

You must carefully consider which sector to visit next, even more so then the Nesasio as you have neither fast-firing weapons nor Titanium Ship casing to protect you from a disaster in prolonged combats. Favor Rock, Civilian and Pirate sectors if possible. Avoid Zoltan and Rebel sectors at all costs, at least until you get shields.

For those wanting the game to be more challenging, you have now met the ship that will challenge you throughout every sector of the game. Good luck!


  • Your first upgrade should be another energy bar, so you can power full engines and cloak at the same time. Put your Zoltan in the engine room; that way, if he has to leave the room in an hurry, your Glaive Beam doesn't go offline because you forgot to free up one power beforehand.
  • Your next upgrade should be level 3 cloak, for the reasons mentioned in the previous section. It is strongly recommended you avoid fighting until you get this upgrade, as it will dramatically reduce or eliminate the damage you are dealt in the early sectors. Use your Long-Range Scanners to visit non-hostile beacons and hope for the best.
  • Fire the Glaive Beam properly. Your top priority target is the enemy drone and weapons bay, to give the Glaive Beam time to charge again if necessary. However, if you hit their Shield room first, each room after that will do more damage. Many early ships can be killed in one shot with proper aiming. You will learn the best place to aim on each type of enemy very quickly.
  • Think very hard before refusing a surrender or bribe. Naturally, always accept if there is an augment or weapon on the table. Missiles or drone parts aren't valuable to this ship early on, but can be sold at some beacons for scrap. Only refuse if the offer is poor, and you won't take any damage by trying to kill them outright.
  • Getting the Shield system must always be your top priority in the early game. Save up your scrap and pray to the space whales that you get enough before the Glaive Beam stops being able to one-shot enemy ships.
  • As you continue through the mid-game, remember that you only have three weapon slots, and that the Rebel Flagship at its best is defended by four layers of shields and a Defense Drone(in the third round it has a energy shield). You need enough weapons to do the job, and this usually means Burst or Hull Smasher Lasers, Ion or Breach bombs, and probably an Anti-Ship Drone as well. Missiles are wonderful for the majority of the game but nearly useless against the boss. Plan accordingly.


Bird of Prey: This can be unlocked by destroying a ship during a single cloak while the ship was originally at full health. In sector one, upgrade your cloak to maximum, find an unshielded auto-scout, and use your weapons. This should unlock the achievement.

Phase Shift: This is a tricky achievement. The easiest way to unlock it is to fight your way to the Rebel Flagship. Once you get to the third stage, cloak as the power surge is fired and you should unlock the achievement.

Tactical Approach: You must not jump into an environmental hazard until sector eight which includes asteroid fields, ion storms, and a nearby sun(but not nebula). Usually one of the easiest because you will typically avoid these. However, sometimes this achievement is made impossible by the routes one must take in some sectors.

Layout A

The first layout is the Nesasio, which is a stealth ship. It has lower cloaking than the DA-SR 12, but has a higher engine ranking and an augment called Titanium System Casing which has a fifteen percent chance to negate damage done to systems. It starts with a Dual Laser and a Mini Beam. You can read more about the Nesasio here.