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Your ship can hold a number of crew members, but if your last crew member is lost, the game ends.


There are seven different races in the game: Human, Engi, Mantis, Rockmen, Zoltan, Slug, Crystal, and Lanius. Humans may be male or female, all other races are single-gendered.


The base health for crew members is 100. Zoltan have 70, Crystal have 125, Rockmen have 150.


Crew members can gain experience in six skills through gameplay.


Evasion +5/7/10

15xp per level, gain XP by dodging enemy fire.


Evasion +5/7/10

15xp per level, gain XP by dodging enemy fire.


10/20/29% faster recharge

55xp per level, gain XP by bringing shields back online after receiving damage, or being hit by asteroids (turning them off and on again won't work).


10/14/19% faster charge

65xp per level, gain XP by hitting an enemy ship (or shields).


Increases repair speed when mastered

18xp per level, gain XP by repairing each damage-stage of a subsystem


Increases combat damage when mastered

8xp per level, gain XP by landing the killing blow on an enemy unit and each stage of damage inflicted upon an enemy ship subsystem