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Disable Rebel Fleet Pursuit

Hex Editing

It is also possible to hex edit save files, as they are not protected.

  • The modified should be placed in My Documents/My Games/FasterThanLight.
  • Warning, this will erase all profile information, including previous high scores, achievements and other data.

Memory Editing

How to Cheat in FTL - Windows Guide

Simple run down:

  • Download Poke
  • Open Poke and Start a new game of FTL
  • Select FTL in Poke
  • Find the number you want to change (Like Scrap -- Default is 10 when you are just starting out)
  • Click the "Add" Button in Poke
  • Select DWORD and Search for your value
  • Change your value in game (Like shoot a missile or earn scrap)
  • Enter the new value into poke and search again
  • Keep changing the value in FTL and keep searching until you get 2 (two) Values
  • Add both locations and try to change one of them
  • If it subtracts from the value in game its the other location

Memory Editing on Mac

If you play Faster Than Light on Mac OS X, Bit Slicer is similar to Poke. Bit Slicer for Mac. Choose the 32-bit Integer type and specify that it is Unsigned.

Memory Editing on Linux

The Linux equivalent of Poke is a command-line utility called scanmem. The neat thing with scanmem is that you can run multiple instances at once, to track different values. It is as easy to use as poke.

The basics are:

  • Download scanmem. apt-get install scanmem OR yum install scanmem
  • Start up your game and get to the point where you are looking at your chosen ship in space. Open a command line and find the PID (process ID) of your game.
  • type ps -ef | grep -i FTL and look for an executable named "FTL". If there are several results, try the one with the highest PID.
  • Start scanmem as root (or with sudo permissions), and set the PID you want to scan. If the pid is 1234, type pid 1234
  • Type the current number that you want to track, and hit enter. It will locate all instances of that number.
  • Do something to change that number in-game, then enter the new value into scanmem. Keep doing this until it pares down to 2-3 matches.
  • If it very quickly returns 0 results, you are likely scanning the wrong PID, or you scanned the PID before the game was underway. Try scanning the PID again, or scan a different PID.
  • With matches pared down to a few, type list to see them. They will be assigned list numbers.
  • Set an entry to a different value by typing set # value. So to set entry #1 value to 1000, type set 1 1000
  • You should see your value change in game. If it does not, you picked the wrong entry- set the value back to normal and try tweaking a different entry.
  • Bonus: you can track a value in scanmem as it changes, by typing watch # with # being the entry number from list command.

So, the whole thing looks like:
root@d3athPC:~# ps -ef | grep -i ftl
1002 21866 21104 0 02:56 ? 00:00:00 /bin/sh -c "/home/user/Steam/SteamApps/common/FTL Faster Than Light/FTL"
1002 21867 21866 0 02:56 ? 00:00:00 /bin/bash /home/user/Steam/SteamApps/common/FTL Faster Than Light/FTL
1002 21868 21867 99 02:56 ? 00:02:26 /home/user/Steam/SteamApps/common/FTL Faster Than Light/data/amd64/bin/FTL
root 21899 21308 0 02:59 pts/1 00:00:00 grep --color=auto -i ftl

  • PID 21868 is the one we want.

root@d3athPC:~# scanmem
scanmem version 0.13
Enter the pid of the process to search using the "pid" command.
Enter "help" for other commands.
0> pid 21868
info: maps file located at /proc/21868/maps opened.
info: 35 suitable regions found.

  • Lets say our ammo is at 16. Start tracking that.

0> 16
info: 01/35 searching 0x889000 - 0x89e000...........ok
info: 35/35 searching 0x7fffb4c2a000 - 0x7fffb4c73000...........ok
info: we currently have 1698010 matches.

  • Now we fire off a missile, leaving 15.

1698010> 15
info: we currently have 11 matches.

  • Firing another...

11> 14
info: we currently have 2 matches.
2> list
[ 0] 0x1bae4f04, 14, [I64 I32 I16 I8 ]
[ 1] 0x1bc3e8c0, 14, [I64 I32 I16 I8 ]
2> set 0 100
info: setting *0x1bc3e8c0 to 64...

  • Missiles will now read 100

Save Game Unlocks

A save game which has all ships unlocked has been released.

Save Game Editor

Save game editor has been created by reddit user ftlcheat. The file can be downloaded from mediafire.

Another save game editor was created with Excel macros at mediafire.



It is possible to 'quick save' by saving and quitting, and then making manual backup copies of the continue.sav file, and restoring them when one dies.

on linux the savegames is located in your home directory under .local/share/FasterThanLight/

This would be considered cheating by some players and may spoil enjoyment of the game. It goes against the intentions of the developer's desire for the player to experience permanent death, a standard feature of many roguelike games. However, it can usefully allow you to hit the final event for the Secret Ship challenge, by replaying the final necessary sector, and it can be helpful for "saving" a favoured ship configuration for later review.

Powerlevel Crew

Crew members gain skills when in combat.[1] If an enemy ship can not penetrate one's shields and can't do hull damage, you can stay in combat indefinitely (unless they jump). This allows the opportunity to train crew members to maximum skill.

The above (in regards to powerleveling shield skill) is no longer true in FTL version 1.03.3[2] As of 2013-07-13 it is still possible to power-level your shields by leaving the game running in an asteroid field.