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Augmentations supply special upgrades to your ship that can improve existing modules (e.g. weapons), or provide new functionalities.

Generic Augmentations

Name Description Effect Scrap Cost Rarity Stackable Blueprint Name
Reverse Ion Field Protects your ship from ion damage, giving a 50 percent chance to negate it entirely. 50% chance to resist ion damage. 60 Scrap 2 Yes XML
Stealth Weapons Prevents your weapon fire from disrupting your cloak, allowing you to shoot at will while cloaked. Shooting while cloaked doesn't decrease cloaking time as severely. 50 Scrap 3 No XML
Repair Arm Repairs your hull every time you collect scrap, but reduces scrap collected by 15 percent. Repairs 1-2 hull every time you pick up scrap, but scrap rewards are decreased by 15%. 50 Scrap 3 No XML
Scrap Recovery Arm Allows the ship to collect 10 percent more scrap from any source. Increases scrap collection by 10%. 50 Scrap 1 Yes XML
Long-Ranged Scanners Adds additional info about nearby beacons on the star map. Warns of ships and hazards in adjacent systems. 30 Scrap 1 No XML
Automated Re-Loader Cooldown between weapon shots is improved by 10 percent. Cooldown time is decreased by 10%. 40 Scrap 2 Yes XML
Shield Charge Boosters Boosts the ship's shield recharge rate by 15 percent. Shields recharge 15% faster. 45 Scrap 2 Yes XML
Weapon Pre-igniter Weapons are made immediately available after an FTL jump. All powered weapons are ready to shoot after an FTL jump. Does not affect the Artillery Beam. Charge weapons only charged to 1 bubble. 120 Scrap 4 No XML
FTL Recharge Booster The ship's FTL Drive powers up 25 percent faster. FTL Drive charges 25% faster. 50 Scrap 2 Yes XML
Adv. FTL Navigation Allows the ship to jump to any previously visited beacon. The ship can jump to any previously visited beacon. 60 Scrap 3 No XML
Drone Recovery Arm Non-destroyed drones will be retrieved when jumping, allowing their parts to be reused. Drone parts are recovered after a battle if the drone was not destroyed. Does NOT include Boarding or Hull Repair Drones. 50 Scrap 2 No XML
FTL Jammer Scramble enemy ship's FTL computers doubling the time it takes for them to jump. Doubles enemy FTL recharge time. 30 Scrap 3 No XML
Lifeform Scanner Detects the location of any life forms, even when sensors don't function. Show location of hidden lifeforms on enemy ship even when sensors are down 40 Scrap 0 No XML
Zoltan Shield Bypass Allows crew/bomb teleportation and mind control to work through Super Shields. Allows teleporting and mind control through Super Shields 55 Scrap 0 No XML
Defense Drone Scrambler Description Disrupts targeting by enemy Defense Drones ?? Scrap 0 No XML
Backup DNA Bank Your crew is safe in clone storage even if the system is off or broken. Crew that dies won't be lost if Cloning Bay is down 40 Scrap 0 No XML
Battery Charger Backup Battery's lock time is halved. Decrease Backup battery recharge time by 50% 40 Scrap 0 No XML
Emergency Respirators Description Crew takes 50% damage from low O2 ?? Scrap 0 No XML
Fire Suppression Automatically put out fires throughout the ship. Automatically puts out fires on ship 65 Scrap 0 No XML
Explosive Replicator Description Missile based weapons have a 50% chance of not using a missile ?? Scrap 0 No XML
Distraction Buoys Description Delays Rebels 1 jump at start of each sector 55 Scrap 0 No XML
Hacking Stun All crew inside a room during a Hacking Pulse will be stunned for the duration. Add stun effect to Hacking system activation 60 Scrap 0 No XML
Reconstructive Teleport Crew gets fully healed by teleportation. Heals crewmembers to full with each teleport 70 Scrap 0 No XML

Event-related Augmentations

Name Description Effect Scrap Cost Rarity Stackable Blueprint Name
Damaged Stasis Pod This bizarre alien artifact appears to be barely operational. It has no practical function but perhaps someone can repair it. Can be opened by an event to add a new crew member, and start a quest for a new ship. 30 Scrap 0 Yes XML

Ship-specific augmentations

Name Description Effect Scrap Cost Rarity Stackable Blueprint Name
Rock Plating Superior hull armor provides a 15 percent chance to negate incoming hull damage (hit systems will still be damaged). 15% chance to resist hull damage. Cannot be bought. 80 Scrap 0 No XML
Crystal Vengeance Every time your ship takes damage, there is a 10 percent chance to break off a shard that flies at your enemy. Gives a 10% chance to return some damage to the enemy. Cannot be bought. 80 Scrap 0 No XML
Zoltan Shield An unexplained technology creates this nearly impenetrable shield. Only the energy outburst from an FTL engine is powerful enough to recharge it. An additional shield that can take 5 damage, stops missiles, and prevents boarding/mind control. Takes twice the damage from ion weapons. Cannot be bought. 80 Scrap 0 No XML
Engi Med-bot Dispersal Floods the ship with Engi nano med-bots, healing the crew even when they are outside of the med-bay (at a reduced speed). Crew members are healed in rooms outside the Med-Bay, at 1/4th the speed of base med-bay healing, provided the med-bay is powered. Does not work with Cloning Bay. Does not increase with Med-Bay upgrades. Cannot be bought, but can be earned from the Engi Ship vs. Rebel Fighter event. 60 Scrap 0 No XML
Slug Repair Gel Slug ships excrete a thick gel that automatically repairs any hull breaches. Cannot be bought. 60 Scrap 0 No XML
Mantis Pheromones Your crew's movement speed is increased by 25 percent. Crew moves 25% faster. Cannot be bought. 50 Scrap 0 No XML
Drone Reactor Booster Your ship board drones have their movement speed increased by 50 percent. Drones speed is increased by 50%. Cannot be bought. 50 Scrap 0 No XML
Titanium System Casing All ship systems have additional plating that provides a 15 percent chance to negate damage when hit (hull will still be damaged) 15% chance to resist system damage. Cannot be bought. 100 Scrap 0 No XML