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(The Kestrel / The Red-Tail)
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| Diplomatic Immunity
| Diplomatic Immunity
| ''While using the Federation Cruiser, use your crew in 4 special blue event choises by sector 5.''
| ''While using the Federation Cruiser, use your crew in 4 special blue event choices by sector 5.''
| Artillery Mastery
| Artillery Mastery

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General Progression

Achievement Prerequisites
Just Getting Started Get to sector 5.
Federation Base in Range Get to sector 8.
Federation Victory (Easy) Beat the boss on Easy.
Federation Victory (Normal) Beat the boss on Normal.
Your Own Fleet Unlock every playable ship.

Only the Type A layout of the ships need to be unlocked.

Rule Ten: Greed is Eternal Collect 10,000 scrap across all games.
Warlord Defeat 1000 ships across all playthroughs.

Going the Distance

Achievement Prerequisites
Coming in for my Pacifism run! Get to sector 5 without firing a shot, using an offensive drone, or teleporting.
I don't need no stinkin' upgrades Get to sector 5 with no system/reactor upgrades.
On a Wing and a Prayer Get to sector 5 without repairing at a store.
Ballistophobia Get to sector 8 without using missiles/bombs.
Technophobia Get to sector 8 without using drones.
Living off the Land Get to sector 8 without buying at a store (Repairs are ok).
No Redshirts Here Get to sector 8 without losing a crewmember.

Skill and Equipment Feats

Achievement Prerequisites
Some people just like to watch ships burn Have every square of an enemy ship on fire simultaneously.
Astronomically Low Odds Fail to evade 5 shots in a row with a fully powered and upgraded engine.

Odds of this happening are 1.84528125%

BOARDING OBJECTIVE SUCCESSFUL Have a single boarding drone kill 4 crewmembers on one ship.
They never saw it comming Use the Weapon Pre-Igniter augmentation to destroy an enemy ship in one volley before the enemy can get a single shot off.
Trustworthy Auto-Pilot Defeat an enemy ship with all of your crew aboard it.
Slice and Dice Hit every room of a ship with at least one beam in under 5 seconds.

At least 2 beam weapons are needed for this achievement. EDIT: I got this achievement with no beams using the Federation Cruiser. It was 1 shot on an automated ship

Victory through Asphyxiation Empty the oxygen (Net level less than 5 percent) of a non-automated, hostile enemy ship.

Slug Interceptors are good for this. The Oxygen system is separated for the rest of the ship, so the crew can't repair it. Just destroy the system and wait for them to suffocate.

Ship-specific achievements

Completing any 2 ship-specific achievements will unlock the Type B layout of that ship.

The Kestrel / The Red-Tail

Tip for completing these achievements.

Achievement Prerequisites
The United Federation Have six unique aliens on the Kestrel Cruiser simultaneously.

You need one crew member from each race to unlock this achievement.

Full Arsenal Have every system and subsystem installed on the Kestrel Cruiser at one time.

Only the Teleporter, Cloak and Drone systems are missing when you start the game.

Tough Little Ship As the Kestrel Cruiser, repair back to full health when it only has 1 HP remaining.

Find an asteroid field near a store. Make sure you have enough scrap to repair all damage and ensure the path to the store is clear. At the asteroid field, drop your shield and let the asteroids hit you. When you reach 2 HP, wait for the next asteroid. When you see it, activate your shields before it hits. They take some time to actually activate and protect from further damage.

A safer, more sure way is with a controlled burn using Fire Bomb. Stop 1 jump short of a store, getting some damage along the way. It does NOT count if you reduce your hull to 1 while you are AT the store. Lower your shields. Use firebomb to hit your own shield room and open the door so it can spread to medical. Each system destroyed reduces your hull by 1. When the fire has destroyed those two systems, put the fires out by venting. Then let the oxygen recharge and repair the systems. Repeat as needed. Note: it goes faster if you upgrade your oxygen to level 2 and you should have doors at least level 2 to keep the fire from getting out of hand..

The Nesasio / DA-SR 12

Achievement Prerequisites
Bird of Prey Destroy a ship at full health during a single cloak in the Stealth Cruiser.

Upgrade your cloak to the highest level as soon as you can. With this cloak, your pre-installed weapons can fire two volleys at this level. This is more than enough to take out the unshielded Auto-Scouts.

Phase Shift With the Stealth Cruiser, avoid 9 points of damage during a single cloak.

In essence, this means finding an enemy ship that can potentially deal 9+ damage in a single volley. This can easily be done against the Rebel Flagship's third stage.

Tactical Approach With the Stealth Cruiser, get to sector 8 without jumping to a beacon with an environmental danger.

Jumping to a regular nebula beacon will not prevent you from getting this achievement.

The Gila Monster / The Basilisk

Achievement Prerequisites
Take no prisoners! Kill the crew of 20 ships by sector 6 in the Mantis Cruiser.
Avast, ye scurvy dogs! Kill 5 enemy crew in a fight without taking hull damage or losing a crew member while using the Mantis Cruiser.'
Battle Royale While using the Mantis Cruiser, kill the last enemy with your last crew member on their ship.

The Torus / The Vortex

Achievement Prerequisites
Robotic Warfare With the Engi Cruiser, have 3 drones functioning at the same time.
I hardly lifted a finger With the Engi Cruiser, destroy an enemy ship using only drones (no weapons).

The Torus starts with an Anti-Ship I drone. Activate it against an unshielded Auto-Scout, occasionally found at the start of the game.

The guns... They've stopped Have 4 enemy systems or subsystems ioned at the same time while using the Engi Cruiser.
Buying an additional Ion Blast II, or two additional Ion Blast I will help with this.

The Osprey / Nisos

Achievement Prerequisites
Master of Patience Use only the Artillery Beam to destroy an enemy ship while taking no hull damage.

Easiest if you have enough shield so an enemy ship cannot damage you. (i.e. You have 2 shield, and the enemy has a 1-shot laser and a beam weapon)

Diplomatic Immunity While using the Federation Cruiser, use your crew in 4 special blue event choices by sector 5.
Artillery Mastery Get to sector 5 in the Federation Cruiser without upgrading your weapon system.

You can upgrade your artillery or buy new weapons, just don't buy any more power slots for your regular weapon systems.

Man of War / The Stormwalker

Achievement Prerequisites
We're in Position! While using the Slug Cruiser, have vision of every room of the enemy ship without functioning sensors.
Home Sweet Home Jump to 30 nebula locations before sector 8.
Disintegration Ray While using the Slug Cruiser, kill 3 enemy crew members with one shot from the Anti-Bio Beam.

Bulwark / Shivan

Achievement Prerequisites
Is it warm in here? Have your crew kill a burning enemy on their ship while using the Rock Cruiser.
Defense Drones Don't Do D'anything! While using the Rock Cruiser, destroy an enemy ship which has a defense drone deployed using only missiles.
Ancestry Find the secret sector with the Rock Cruiser.

The Adjudicator / Noether

Achievement Prerequisites
Shields Holding Destroy a ship before it gets through the Zoltan Shield.
Givin' her all she's got, Captain! With the Zoltan Cruiser, have 29 power in systems at the same time.

This only applies to the main systems. This also means you need at least 4 Zoltan crew members, as the reactor can only give 25 power.

Manpower Get to sector 5 without upgrading your reactor in the Zoltan Cruiser.

Bravais / Carnelian

Achievement Prerequisites
Sweet Revenge Destroy an enemy ship with a shard from the Crystal Vengeance augment (unique to the Crystal Cruiser).
No Escape While using the Crystal Cruiser, trap 4 enemy crew in a single room using the Crystal Being power or a Lockdown Bomb.

Only granted if all four enemy crew are actively engaged in combat (not shooting at doors).

Clash of the Titans Destroy 15 Rock Ships (pirates count) using the Crystal Cruiser.

Go to a Rock controlled sector or Rock homeworlds, where these are commonplace